How did Hillary Clinton receive classified information on her private email account? That is the question posed by many callers to Dr. Michael Savage, host of the talk radio program, ″The Savage Nation″. Savage began his program yesterday bringing up the latest Hillary gaffe during her press conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday. Wearing a ′Prison Orange′ pantsuit, Hillary Clinton tried to fend off questions from reporters about her private email server. Recent reports are that the server was being stored in a bathroom closet in a loft apartment in Denver, Colorado. The location was the business office for a ′Ma & Pa′ IT company with many connections to local Democrats. When Ed Henry of Fox News asked Hillary if she had wiped the server′s hard drives, Hillary responded with a question, ″…Wiped…with like a cloth?″ After opening the phone lines, Dr. Savage then got a flurry of calls from the Washington DC area by people who claimed to have worked in the defense intelligence community. That is when things got VERY interesting…

The first of these ′experts′ was a fellow named Gary who raised the issue of how she received classified data? According to Gary, classified material is stored in ′SCIF′ (pronounced skiff) sites. SCIF stands for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility. If you′ve watched enough spy-related TV shows and movies, you′ve seen examples of such SCIFs. These are special, windowless rooms with very restricted access. The computer work stations containing our nation′s secrets are situated on a raised platform inside a large Faraday Cage in order to block any electronic emissions. The computers themselves are not connected to any public networks. Information can only be transmitted to another SCIF site. The only other way would be for somebody to print or download the data onto another storage medium, like a thumb drive or disk, and physically remove it. Such may be a violation of the Espionage Act if unauthorized.

So Gary told Dr. Michael Savage and his audience that there is no way that anyone could email Hillary Clinton the classified material we now know she had possession of from a SCIF site. Somebody had to copy it, and either scan the documents and photographs, or download the intel unto an unauthorized drive, and then email it to her from an unsecured computer. A clear violation of the Espionage Act. Just the transmission or receipt of such information by an unauthorized, unsecured means is a felony offense with a 6-year prison term.

After Gary called, we next heard from a woman calling herself ′Rebecca′, who claimed that she had worked in cryptology at the Pentagon for 20 years. She confirmed what Gary had said to be the truth. She added that there is a ′Two-Man-Rule′ for accessing and working in a SCIF site. You just cannot walk in alone and do whatever you want. You are being watched at all times. So this raises the question of not only who was accessing the data to send to Hillary, but who was watching while it was going on? The plot thickens!

By the end of the second of his 3-hour show, Michael Savage had heard from others, including a gentleman claiming 50 years of working in intelligence. The gravity of the Hillary Clinton private email server and account is a national disgrace, which may lead to an even wider investigation. The more people Hillary may have involved in her mishandling of classified material increases the odds that somebody may spill the beans and turn state′s witness to save their own hide. There is no doubt that the scandal is impacting her 2016 presidential campaign. The latest Quinnipac Poll shows that Joe Biden is now outperforming her in three key states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. Only about one-third of voters in those states think she is trustworthy. At least 60% consider Hillary Clinton a liar. Try wiping that with a cloth!