Remember Scott Walker, the Republican governor of Wisconsin? He recently joined the cadre of candidates seeking the 2016 GOP presidential nomination. Up until the first GOP debate, he had been high in the polls, even leading in Iowa by a wide margin. But once Hurricane Donald made landfall, Walker and the rest of the pack have been reduced to a secondary position. On Tuesday, Scott Walker unveiled his health care plan to replace Obamacare, in hopes of regaining some of the lime light. His 10-page outline is titled ″The Day One Patient Freedom Plan″. Now, in reality it is a 15-page document, though maybe has at best about 7 pages of actual text and plans. So why the Media is saying it is a 10-page plan is unknown? Add to that mystery is the fact that pretty much the whole plan is one we′ve heard plenty of times before.

Walker′s health care is nearly identical to several of the alternative plans offer by Congressional Republicans back during the Obamacare debate. But at the time, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were in full control of the entire federal government and had zero interest in working with Republicans. Scott Walker lays out his 5 main goals on Page 7, which is where the meat of the document begins. Naturally, Goal #1 is to repeal Obamacare ASAP. Along with that are the usual objectives, such as making health affordable and accessible to all citizens, empowering the states, increase options and quality, and improve the finances of the taxpayers. He intends to reduce the red tape in getting health care and providing tax credits to help citizens afford it. The credits are based on age, not income, since that is how insurance providers price their services.

Naturally, Walker will eliminate the ′state border′ issues, allowing people to shop nationwide for insurance. As we all know, this will increase the options available while making the market more competitive and affordable. The plan does retain the Obamacare pre-existing conditions aspects, which, as we all know, was also a feature in all of the Congressional GOP plans back in 2010, too! Walker will give the states more say in the program, including on matters concerning Medicaid, which the candidate wants to reform. Part of the plan also reduces the federal regulations which Obamacare now imposes on the entire health care industry, including adding more red tape for doctors, nurses and other ′point-of-contact′ workers.

Citizens will have more options in obtaining insurance, either as individuals or through group coverage. This will include private, non-employee groups, such as those formed by churches, unions, and other non-governmental organizations. Walker also promises to eliminate all of the roughly $1 Trillion dollars of new taxes and fees Washington is collecting directly through Obamacare. Instead, he will ask for tax cuts to give citizens and their families more cash on hand to afford health care, and anything else they need.

Now that Scott Walker has unveiled his health care plan, will you give him a second look? Do you think this may improve his standings in the polls? Or is it just more ′pie-in-the-sky′ promises that politicians make and never keep? Judge for yourself by reading the document at Scott Walker′s website.