While Hillary Clinton cackles her way with jokes about SnapChat, the State Department has now found some 305 emails from her private server that had classified material. With several probes investigating Hillary and her emails, including the FBI and inspector generals from the State Department and from the intelligence community, it seems that the number will only increase. So far, only a fraction of her 30,000 alleged work emails have been examined. About one-in-five have classified information. Most are said to be low-level, ′Confidential′ in ranking, but at least two contained the higher, ′Top Secret′ rating. These involved satellite images of Yemen as well as electronic signal intercepts from operatives in that region.

Some legal experts claim that Hillary Clinton could face criminal faces of at least one count of a misdemeanor for mishandling the storage of classified material and up to six felony charges of using unsecured, unauthorized transmission methods. That was just when we knew about the 4 emails from a sampling of just 40. Now we are told by the State Department that 305 have classified material and that is only from a sampling of some 1,500 of her emails. One can only assume that once all 30,000 have been examined, the number could be between 3,000 to 6,000 emails having classified information.

To call this gross negligence is the understatement of the year! Hillary Clinton has proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that she is unfit to hold any office, elected or appointed. We still do not have all of the facts, but the constant drip is getting worse. We have gone from hearing that her private email server was at her home in an office room to being in a barn or shed on the property to the latest version that the server was kept in a bathroom closet. The investigations have also expanded to include reviewing emails from her top staff. Clearly, the management skills of Hillary Clinton leaves much to be desired.

Hillary Clinton can joke all she wants about her email server scandal, blame phantom conspiracies and lie in general about her activities. The public isn′t buying it! The latest polls continue to show her favorable numbers slipping and the mistrust factor increasing. In the most recent Fox News poll, 58% of voters think she has lied about emails, only 2% believe she is telling the truth! Another 33% think there is some other explanation, but are vague about what that may be. Is it time to stick a fork in Hillary and her presidential campaign? Is it time to get her fitted in an orange jumpsuit?