While Donald Trump serves jury duty today, he is still in the headlines after releasing his immigration policy. The 6-page document details how Trump will stem the flow of illegal immigration into the United States, as well as clean-up the mess left by previous administrations. The Trump plan is getting praise from many unlikely corners, including none other than Ann Coulter! She says its the greatest immigration plan ever written! As we all, whatever Ann Coulter says, no matter how whacky it may sound, she is usually proven correct within 90 days. Donald Trump outlines everything from how he will get Mexico to pay for the construction of a wall along our southern border to ending the whole ′anchor-baby′ thing and clean up the H-1B visa program to create more high-paying jobs for American citizens.

The document was posted at Trump′s website this weekend and it is a marvel in simplicity and elegance. Donald sounds like Dr. Michael Savage in the opening segment, reminding us that without borders, we are not a nation. Without laws we are not a nation. Trump then goes on to list the steps he will take to force Mexico to pay for the wall. Mostly by raising fees on visas used by Mexican businessmen, as well as on NAFTA-related workers. He will also tax some of the $22 Billion dollars being sent back to Mexico every year by workers in America. Along with other fees and tariffs, the cost upon the Mexican economy will be far more than that of building a wall. The Donald also listed some statistics, with sources, on the increase in criminal activity from illegal immigrants.

Trump then goes into other steps to curbing the flow of illegals, including tripling the number of border agents and giving ICE a freer hand in deportation. Sanctuary cities will lose federal funding unless they comply with the law. Trump also wants to eliminate the ability of illegals to remain in the US simply by having a child born here. The plan also calls for reducing legal immigration until our economy grows enough to accommodate an increase. Some 42 Million immigrants are already here with a large portion receiving assistance from the various welfare programs.

The Donald Trump plan for Immigration Reform also pays attention to the H-1B visa program, which many Silicon Valley billionaires are heavily dependent on. Some two-thirds of all IT jobs are going to H-1B visa workers, 80% of whom earn minimal wages under the guidelines of the program. Under the Trump Plan, all STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Medical) jobs will be on a more equal playing field, making it more likely that these jobs will go to US citizens. Only about half of current Americans graduating with STEM degrees are able to find employment. With Trump in charge, more American women and minorities will be able to find good jobs at good wages. Talk about inclusive!

So there it is, boys and girls! You wanted a policy on paper and Donald Trump has now delivered one on immigration reform. Not only will Trump take an aggressive stance on stopping illegal immigration, but he will also tie legal immigration with economic growth, ensuring that US citizens will have first crack at new jobs. Now we know why the Elites of the Establishment are in a tizz over the Trump candidacy. Donald even singled out Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook for his supporting Marco Rubio, whose own immigration plan is to triple the H-1B visa program. Not convinced? Go read the plan yourself at Donald Trump′s website by clicking here.