I love the smell of a deep-fried, battered Twinkie in the morning. It smells like…, Iowa! The Iowa State Fair is going strong this weekend with most of the Democrat and Republican presidential candidates for 2016 attending. Hillary Clinton arrived Saturday morning and by the early afternoon, she was walking through the fair grounds, chatting with folks and munching away at a pork chop on a stick. No stranger to calories, Hillary was having fun when she was suddenly buzzed by a low-flying helicopter. Yes! Donald Trump had arrived and was making good on his promise to give free rides to the kiddies. Officials at the fair had banned him from landing on the fair grounds. Trump, undeterred by fools, set up operations at a nearby baseball field. The only thing missing was Trump playing Wagner at full blast as he circled the state fair from the air.

Ah, if only I were flying the Trump helicopter! I′d buzz Hillary so close that it would ″hairlip everyone on Bear Creek!″ Let′s see who looks that quote up? Anyway, it was a fun day at the Iowa State Fair. Hillary Clinton continued to defend herself on the subject of emails while bashing Jeb Bush. Donald Trump bashed Bush and Hillary while vowing to spend one BILLION dollars of his own money to win the White House. How about that? So much for people thinking that he′s just running as a joke or some personal publicity stunt. If he just wanted publicity, he could have done another season of Celebrity Apprentice or go punch Vince McMahon in the head again at a WWE event.

All of the polls this past week show Donald Trump still in the lead of the 2016 GOP race. The polls also show that Hillary Clinton is slipping in her numbers while more people distrust her. She now loses to any generic Republican candidate in a nationwide election. Sure, its still early with many, many months to go. But does anybody really believe that Hillary can pull her enormous butt out of the fire between now and November 2016?

Meanwhile, ′Fighting′ Joe Biden attended a memorial service in Chattanooga, Tennessee yesterday and actually called the shooter a ″jihadist″! Something his boss, Barack Hussein Obama wouldn′t even do. Yep, Fighting Joe is flexing his dukes and may soon be announcing his entry in the 2016 race. The rumor is that he will even promise to only serve one term if elected. Well, that′s good! One term of Joe Biden is one term too many.

They say that at the Iowa State Fair, you may indulge your taste buds on some 70 different food items which are deep fried and served on a stick. Everything from a battered stick of butter to a deep-fried cheeseburger. How would you describe a 2016 presidential candidate with a deep-fried-on-a-stick treat? I′ll toss out a couple of suggestions. Jeb Bush is a deep-fried lemon. Bernie Sanders is a deep-fried ball of oatmeal. You get the idea! So give us your suggestions in the Comment section.