Its a bird! Its a plane! No! Its the Donald Trump helicopter! Yes! The ′Summer of Trump′ lands at the Iowa State Fair today, spreading more Trump to The People. Not just more Trump, but bigger and better Trump. Trump has become bigger than Trump! A planetary alignment which can be charted by both the Hubble Space Telescope and the ancient ruins of Stonehenge. Earlier this week I estimated that Donald Trump had a one-in-four chance at winning the 2016 GOP nomination. After seeing how he has survived the latest round of attacks by The Establishment, I′m reevaluating the odds to giving Trump a 50-50 chance at winning the whole ball of wax. He could very well be the next president of the United States!

Need proof? Watch the townhall session Donald Trump held in New Hampshire last night. C-SPAN carried it live and has it on their website. The Donald held court and fed plenty of red meat to an audience that is starving for leadership. Sure, he attacked Obama, Hillary, along with Jeb, Rand, Carly and others. But they, at least the other GOP candidates, attacked first. Hillary and Obama have been attacking America. So the battle lines are drawn with more and more people jumping on the Trump bandwagon. Trump even has an appropriate theme song for his campaign, ″We′re Not Gonna Take It Anymore″ by Twisted Sister. Perfect as Trump′s supporters are following him for just that reason!

This is why Trump has become even bigger than Trump. His persona and campaign have been transformed into a massive battering ram, poised to smash K-Street lobbyists, incompetent bureaucrats and politicians, and news media idiots. Even more so than Ross Perot in 1992. Perot went wobbly, as Maggie Thatcher would say, and his campaign suffered. For the past two months, Donald Trump has survived numerous missteps and misspeaks, any one of which would have ended an average campaign.

But Trump is far from average. He′s been a brand name for 30 years or more. Trump is the Alpha Male, and Omega Man all rolled into one well polished package. Critics are trying to challenge Trump′s legitimacy on being a Republican. True, he has given money to Democrats, but working in New York, he pretty much has to. What George Will, Charles Krauthammer and others forget is that without Trump, Ronald Reagan may not have won the GOP nomination in 1980. The RNC Establishment attempted to block Reagan and shut him out of the NY state primary by keeping him off the ballot. Trump stepped in and rented helicopters to fly Reagan′s primary petitions to Albany in the nick of time.

Now there is a man of action fer ya! Trump gets things done! It is as simple as that. That is the appeal of Donald Trump. Sure, he′s a loose cannon and his ideological credentials may not be all that great. But he is a wheeler-dealer who knows how to get what he wants. This campaigning thingy is still new to him, but isn′t that what people want? A fresh approach? A new broom? If you watch last night′s speech, Trump demonstrated that his brand of Populism is precisely what our nation longs for. I can hardly wait for Trump to go after George Will and the whole National Review bunch. This fight within the GOP has been brewing for a very long time, as has the general decline in America. Trump is the just the guy to carry the fight for both the Republican Party and to save the nation from the Socialists.