The Federal Bureau of Investigations now has physical possession of the Hillary Clinton email server. This happened as a new report that material classified as ′Top Secret′ were found on at least two emails from the tiny sampling of 40 out of some 30,000 emails. The FBI is also looking into several of Hillary′s staff and their emails, including Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills. A thumb drive containing the some 30,000 emails Clinton turned over to the State Department last December is also being handed over to the FBI by Hillary′s lawyer, David Kendall. All of this is damaging the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign. Bernie Sanders now leads Clinton in the latest polls in New Hampshire while in Iowa, Clinton′s lead continues to decline with Sanders and Joe Biden gaining ground.

There are many rumors flying about in Washington as senior Democrat Party officials scramble on what to do. Should they further prod Biden into running? Or shift gears to help Sanders or Martin O′Malley in their campaigns? Perhaps persuade others to run, such as John Kerry? There is no doubt that Democrats are worried that Hillary Clinton may become mired in her email scandal.

Here they were hoping for a nice, clean primary process. This was supposed to be a coronation for Hillary. A make-up for 2008. Despite her failings as Secretary of State, even with the Benghazi fiasco hanging over her head, Hillary Clinton seemed destined to be the 2016 presidential nominee, perhaps even winning in the November general election.

But, Hillary Clinton has outsmarted herself by using a private email server in the hopes of hiding some of her activities as head of the State Department. She is a control freak of the highest order and totally unfit to hold public office. Keep in mind that she is facing at least six, simultaneous investigations into her time as Secretary of State. As bad as mishandling classified material is, much more could come out, particularly on matters involving her family′s charity, the Clinton Foundation. When you think about how barely 10% of the hundreds of millions of dollars raised actually went to helping people in need, you have to wonder what was the other 90% spent on?