If Democrat voters are looking for somebody other than Hillary Clinton to elect in 2016, they may have a new option. Harvard law Professor Lawrence Lessig may be tossing his hat in the ring. Lessig announced yesterday that he is launching a presidential campaign exploratory committee. Like all Progressive Liberals, Lessig is a kook but in his case, a one-note kook. He is most agitated with our political system and how campaigns are funded. Lessig says that The System ″is rigged″! Wow! I wonder how long it took him to figure that out? The solution which Lessig offers is what he calls the ″Citizen Equality Act″. It is basically a law to overturn the U.S. Supreme Court decision on the Citizen′s United case. Lessig′s act would make all political campaigns publicly funded by what appears to be some form of voucher system and also deals with voter rights and the gerrymandering of Congressional districts. What really makes Lessig a kook beyond this kookiness is that once the act is passed, he promises to resign as president.

Leave it to a Liberal to run for an office and then resign after winning. I wish all Liberals did that! Lessig will only run if he can raise $1 Million dollars by Labor Day, which is less than 4 weeks away. So far, he′s only raised some $67,000. Aside from that, his campaign seems doomed from the start. For starters, it seems to me that it would take more than a Congressional act to change the Citizen′s United result by the Supreme Court. I may be wrong, but I believe Lessig would need a constitutional amendment to change the law as it involves an interpretation of the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

As the 2016 presidential campaign begins to heat up, it is not unexpected that we may have some additional, late entries into the fray. Many suspect that Joe Biden may still jump in before the first debate amongst Democrat candidates. Lawrence Lessig is not alone in being a kook. All of the Liberals are kooks. Lessig still doesn′t come close to the King of Kooks, my favorite candidate in the New Hampshire Democrat primary, Vermin Supreme. Good old Vermin is certain to run again, campaigning on street corners wearing his fishing boot on his head as usual. In 2012, Vermin promised a pony for every American and had a plan for the Zombie Apocalypse. He also vowed to pass a law forcing people to brush their teeth! Vermin Supreme wound up getting almost a thousand votes. He may have come in second or third after Obama. Too funny!