The senior, Democrat senator from the State of New York, Charles Schumer, is bucking against Barack Obama on the Iran nuclear deal. The White House is playing down the defection, for obvious reasons. Still, while Obama has yet another multi-million dollar vacation on Martha′s Vineyard, he cannot escape trouble. Things were bad enough as Iran′s supreme leader published a new book calling for the destruction of Israel and the United States just after the deal was inked. Then the story broke about how Iran and the UN have secret side deals that are part of the main agreement. So secret that apparently even John Kerry does not know all of the details. Now Schumer is going public against it, and he is the leading contender to replace Harry Reid as the top Democrat senator.

This is an ′Open Thread′ piece, so you may comment on any subject you wish to. I chose to write about the Obama nuke deal with Iran because it is so bad and everyone but Obama and his minions knows it. A recent poll shows that about 75% of the American people want Congress to vote it down. Yet, the arrogant and stupid Obama is trying to shove it down our throats. Makes you wonder why he is so adamant about it? Is Obama a sleeper agent for the Iranians? Or one of his minions, like the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett? How can any rational person support this deal, especially after Iran has already violated another term with one of its most notorious generals flying to Moscow to buy weapons.

Darned if I know why? I′m kind of leaning towards Obama or someone on his staff being a sleeper agent. How else can you explain this lunacy? The same sort that has given us ISIS, which, despite a whole year of bombing by Obama, is still going strong. They just kidnapped another 240 or so Christians and one can only suppose that they will soon be beheaded.

So will Chucky Schumer really stand up for Israel and oppose the Obama-Iran nuclear deal all the way? Or is he just positioning himself for the initial vote and will go along with Obama should he use the veto? Or is there some other topic gnawing away at you, causing blood to shoot out of your eyes and whatever? Do tell if so!