Poor Bernie Sanders! The self-described Socialist senator from Vermont and Democrat presidential hopeful had a bad Saturday afternoon. Appearing in Seattle, Washington, Bernie Sanders was about to deliver a speech at a campaign rally. His topics were to cover his plans for rescuing entitlements, like Social Security and Medicaid, as well as talking about the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Voting Rights Act. But then two Black women led a group from #BlackLivesMatter on to the stage and hijacked the event. The thousands of people who had come to hear Sanders were instead treated to a long-winded rant. Sanders had just started talking, praising Seattle as being a ″progressive city″, when he was pushed aside by the bullies. For 20 minutes, Sanders stood on the back of the stage, allowing the women to have their way.

An attempt by Sanders to recover the microphone failed, so Bernie stepped down and mingled with the crowd for about 15 minutes. He shook hands and signed autographs, then left the rally, much to the dismay of his supporters. At one point, the crowd tried to shout down the interlopers, who responded by accusing the audience of being a bunch of ″white supremacist racists″. Bernie Sanders later appeared at another rally in the evening and was uninterrupted before his largest crowd to date of some 12,000 people.

And people thing the GOP is in disarray because of Donald Trump! The Democrats are even more divided, which makes perfect sense since their whole structure is based on special interest groups. Hillary Clinton has yet to say one word about the Keystone XL pipeline, which she had supported construction of while as Secretary of State, as not not offend environmentalists. With #BlackLivesMatter, this is not the first time they attacked Bernie Sanders nor a DNC presidential event. They stormed the stage at the Netroots national convention held in Arizona recently, disrupting Sanders as well as another candidate, Martin O′Malley.

So far, they have yet to show up at any Hillary Clinton events. There may be a good reason for that. #BlackLivesMatter is funded by George Soros, amongst others. Soros has been a long-time friend of the Clintons. He funded the creation of MediaMatters to help the Clintons during the impeachment hearings. Hmm, #BlackLivesMatter, MediaMatters? How about #BalkanOilPipelineMatters? The whole reason Bill Clinton sent troops into the Balkans was to help Soros build his pipeline. A post-Kosovo, UN study into atrocities found that at worst, only some 200 civilians may have been murdered by Serbian forces. True, Soros did back Obama over Hillary in 2008, as he obviously saw that Barack would help destroy America quicker than Hillary would.

Bernie Sanders has been surging in the polls as more of Hillary Clinton dishonesty is exposed. She is at a point now where several GOP candidates may defeat her according to recent polls. If we see more of #BlackLivesMatter hounding Bernie Sanders, then we can assume that they are part of the Soros machinery to aid Hillary in winning the White House. Bernie needs to get himself some security while on stage. Hillary has the Secret Service protecting her, even though she despises them. She won′t even bake them cookies as her husband′s latest tart, the busty-blonde-bombshell known as ″Energizer″, does. Perhaps Bernie should bake some cookies for #BlacksLivesMatter to make amends?