Many of my regular readers may have figured out that I am a ′trouble-maker′. Once again, I feel compelled to don my Mark Antony toga and ″Cry HAVOC!!! And let slip the Dogs of War!″ So now the King of Cuckservatives, Erick Erickson, has uninvited Donald Trump from his Red State gathering this weekend in Atlanta for a remark made by Trump on CNN about Megyn Kelly. The exact quote Trump said to Don Lemon over a telephone was, ″You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes…blood coming out of her wherever.″ Erickson took this as an insult pertaining to Kelly being a woman and the reference being that to hormones and menstruation. Overnight, Trump clarified his comment that he meant blood coming out of her nose. Besides that, Trump also said about the same of Chris Wallace, too. But Erick Erickson is in full ′White Knight′ mode, acting like he is defending the honor of the helpless damsel in distress. Seems that he has not heard about the Treaty of Westphalia. I shall explain all…

Ah, the Treaty of Westphalia! In 1648 it brought an end to one of my favorite wars, the Thirty Years War. It all started in Bavaria when a town council tossed the town′s magistrate out a window and into a manure wagon. This upset the local prince and before you know it, a whole bunch of alliances and side deals kicked in, turning the conflict into a real shooting war. What began as a local squabble soon became a larger squabble among aristocrats, with knights changing sides often. The war then evolved into a religious conflict, pitting Protestants against the Catholic Church and finally became a war between nation states. In the end, about a quarter of the adult male population of Europe was dead. France did not bounce back population-wise until Napoleon came along in time to bleed them all over again!

In fact, one can argue that the Thirty Years War was the first, true example of 3rd Generation warfare, as it became a total war, involving civilians as targets and requiring a massive infrastructure to sustain the fighting. The Treaty of Westphalia, also known as the Peace of Westphalia, settled the conflict, as well as several other international disputes which had been ongoing for decades. Warfare itself had been transformed, making it a strictly national enterprise. Knights and other nobles within a nation could no longer fight for those they had private alliances with. They had to fall in line and battle only for The State.

Donald Trump is waging 4th Generation warfare on our national politics. He has no alliances nor any infrastructure at all. His website isn′t asking for donations nor selling cheap crap made in China like the rest of the candidates. Trump is not even asking for volunteers. Ross Perot created his own party, the Reform Party, to wage war against the Republicans and Democrats within the ′rules′ of 3rd Generation warfare. Not that Trump is going rogue, yet, but if he were, he would not start another party. The Donald doesn′t need a political party. He can go it alone and probably still capture 15-25% of the vote, if not much more.

Erick Erickson is no objective bystander in all of this. He has been the leader of those who are trying to ban the word Cuckservative from the political landscape. Why? Because he is one himself! He sold out and is working for The Establishment. We all have a price. He′s done alright. Erickson has a website with a decent following. Does the speaking tour thing. Sometimes sits in for Limbaugh and other talk radio hosts. He has become part of the outer ring of the inner circle. A nice, stable, safe orbit about a pleasant moon.

So Erickson has joined the ranks of those who are out to stop Donald Trump from winning the 2016 GOP presidential nomination. The Establishment have already decided that Jeb Bush is ′their guy′ with Marco Rubio and Chris Christie as back-ups. Probably with John Kasich and Scott Walker on the bench, too, if needed. The goal is a simple one, elect somebody who will keep the status quo happy and open the borders for more cheap labor. On the Democrat flip-side, The Establishment wants to keep the status quo and open the borders for more sheep-like voters. Its two sides of the same coin.

Donald Trump is a ′Mad Man′, a la Don Draper. Part of that dying breed of ′real men′. They do what they want, say what they want, and they mean what they say. Sure, sometimes he may come off sounding a bit mean and nasty. Trump is human and entitled to his emotions. In regards to civility, Erick Erickson is human, too. After all, back when David Souter retired from the US Supreme Court, Erickson described Souter as a ″goat f#@!ing child molestor″. Is that any better than Trump calling Megyn Kelly a bimbo? Seems to me that after Megyn did her photo-shoot for GQ Magazine, bimbo is rather apt. I might even consider the term of ′painted-face hussy′.

Yes, the dogs of war are loose! The battle to save America in 2016 is being waged and Donald Trump is the first target by The Establishment and their minions. We can now place Megyn Kelly and Erick Erickson on the list of those who want to stop Trump before he can save us all. Donald doesn′t need to be president. He can move to anywhere in the world as nearly every nation out there would love to have him as a taxpayer. But the Oligarchs and their puppets in the political class cringe at the thought of a President Trump. He has their number and knows them all too well. Once again, the fools in The Media are over reacting to Trump, which, if handled properly, falls in line with the concept of 4th Generation warfare. The aggressor wants the defender to over react, as it spreads the defenders power and exposes their weaknesses. The fight for the heart and soul of the Conservative movement may get ugly before the first ballots are cast. Will the first casualty be Donald Trump or Erick Erickson? We shall see….