Roger Ailes and the Republican Party establishment did their best last night to derail the Donald Trump express, but to no avail. All three Fox News Channel co-hosts for the 1st GOP debate – Bret Baier, Chris ′Meatloaf Jr.′ Wallace and Megyn ′Martha Washington′ Kelly, all took cheap shots at Trump. But The Donald came through and several sources, including the Drudge Report, handed Trump the victor′s crown. Nice try, lightweights! Go earn $10 Billion dollars and try again. The other 9 candidates on the prime-time stage were rather boring, mostly just repeating their usual talking points. Rand Paul probably had the best line of the night when he told Chris Christie to go hug Barack Obama again. Ben Carson was okay but largely ignored by the Fox News moderators. Scott Walker and Ted Cruz also did reasonably well. But Donald Trump was the main target for the Establishment and they went after him with a vengance.

Even the post-debate show on Fox News was rigged for hostility towards Trump. Dino-dummy Charles Krauthammer gave his usual spoonful of abuse to Donald. I don′t know what Krauthammer was watching last night, but it certainly was not the debates. At one point he observed to Martha Washington, I mean Megyn Kelly, that the debate was well run with hardly anyone going over their time limits. Huh??? The stupid bell was ringing on nearly every question! No, sorry Chucky! You must have been reading from a script written before the debate happened. Krauthammer also claimed that Trump failed to answer the question from Baier about the Iranian general visiting Putin in Russia despite a travel ban. According to my copious notes, that was Question #43 and Trump did answer it saying that it was another sign of Barack Obama’s negotiating incompetence. So Krauthammer is a liar as well as stupid! Of course, Fox News also dragged out Frank Luntz with a stacked focus group and a fresh toupe′. As Stan Lee would say, ″′Nuff Said″.

Right from the start, the assault on Trump began with Bret Baier asking a dumb question, ′raise your hand if you will not commit to not supporting whoever the nominee and running as an independent. Obviously, Donald Trump was the only one that the question was intended for. They, the moderators, claimed that they HAD to ask the question, even though Trump has been asked it several times before and has been consistent with his answers. Then Megyn Kelly tried to smear Trump with mean tweets on Twitter where Trump had posted nasty comments about Rosie O′Donnell. Kelly tried to work it in as a ′War on Women′, but Trump scored the best applause line when mentioning O′Donnell.

Next up was Meatloaf Jr., a.k.a. Chris Wallace. Dr. Michael Savage is absolutely right about Wallace! First he tried to spark a fight between Trump and Jeb Bush over immigration. Then Wallace tried to bash Donald over four of his companies filing for bankruptcy. All Mr. Meatloaf Jr. proved was that he knows very little about the business world. He really doesn′t know much about anything, other than maybe some soup recipes. Megy

Okay, enough about Trump. Let us move on to Chris Christie and Rand Paul. If you listen to Christie, or seen his TV ads, you would think that he was some sort of US Navy SEAL. Or WHALE? Oops, cheap shot? You bet as everything about the New Jersey governor is cheap. He must have said at least ten times how he has fought terrorists. Really? Like filing a brief or a motion for discovery is the same as picking up a gun and flying 8,000 miles to shoot somebody? Come on! Give it a rest! Rand Paul definitely scored well in his battle with Christie, proving that the governor is not familiar with the Constitution nor the Bill of Rights. Christie pretty much said that if he were elected, the NSA and the rest of the federal government will increase their domestic spying on us innocent citizens. Rand Paul was correct in telling the bozo to go get a warrant.

Kasich, Rubio, Walker and Huckabee all played it safe and tried not to offend Donald Trump or his ′crazies′. Ted Cruz came closest to distancing himself in a polite fashion from Trump, touting his ′true Conservative′ ideology. As for Jeb Bush, was he really on stage? Seriously! Not that it mattered whether he was there in the flesh or just a hologram. All Bush did was field some softball questions with his standard talking-point answers. Which is pretty much what the entire 5pm, ′Lower Tier′ debate was all about. Some pundits are saying that Carly Fiorina ″shined″ and ″stood out″. I wouldn′t know. The event was so boring that I fell asleep about 30 minutes into it. I did wake up in time to catch their closing pitches. As far as I′m concerned, the whole 5pm debate was a huge waste of time. Those 7 candidates just need to drop out and go away. Maybe take Christie with them, too!

So there it is! The 1st GOP debate was held on the Fox News Channel last night from the Quicken Loan Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. The very site for the 2016 Republican Party National Convention in about 11 months. Despite the efforts by Bret Baier, Chris Wallace and Megyn Kelly, Donald Trump still won the debate hands down. Probably Trump′s best line was when he said that he forced Hillary Clinton to attend his wedding after donating money to the Clinton Foundation. Although I liked how Trump worked in a line from Dr. Michael Savage about why pundits and opponents are worried about Donald′s ″tone″ while Christians are getting their heads cut off around the world. So your options are to either make America great again by electing Donald Trump or sending one of the other 16 Republican or 5-6 Democrat bozos to the White House for more mediocrity. Take your pick!