Dum-Dee-Dum-Dum…,Dum-Dee-Dum-Dum-DUM! The story you are about to read is true. No names have been changed to protect the wicked or stupid. The Federal Bureau of Investigations, or FBI, is now investigating Hillary Clinton and her private email server. You know, the one that apparently stored many, perhaps hundreds, of classified documents improperly. This fact we learned in recent weeks thanks to two Inspector Generals, one from the State Department, the other from the ′Intelligence Community′. Both IGs requested that the Justice Department open an official investigation into the matter after finding 4 emails with classified documents from 5 different intelligence agencies in a sample of some 40 emails. On Friday, the State Department released another batch of Hillary Clinton emails which had some 41 additional examples containing classified material. So the Department of Justice had to do something!

How about that? Will wonders never cease? Naturally, I think this confirms the rumor that the Barack Obama administration is behind the leaks to the Media about Hillary′s emails and other matters such as foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation. Some in the White House have it ′in′ for the Clintons. You can′t blame this one on Republicans. Nor even space aliens living under the Denver Airport.

Nope! This scandal is one made by Hillary Clinton herself. Maybe with a little help from hubby Bill Clinton. Turns out that the private server was some ′homebrew′ contraption, slapped together by a staffer from the 2008 campaign. Then the guy got a job with the State Department as an IT expert. Good Grief! No wonder the Chinese and Russians are hacking us. They may as well just move in now. Between Obama and Hillary, the nation is lost, sold out for the price of a Bill Clinton speaking fee.

Of course, the FBI and DOJ are reminding us all that this is NOT a ′criminal′ investigation. Even though that the improper handling of classified material is a criminal offense. No, nothing to see here, just move along to the next sports event or Hollywood affair. But I suspect that the reason Joe Biden and a few other Democrats are considering entering the 2016 presidential campaign may be that they smell blood in the water. That the Hillary Clinton email server scandal could lead to criminal charges. Even if the charges are against a staffer, Hillary is still tainted. Her poll numbers are steadily declining as more people mistrust her. So keep an eye out for further details. This one is not going away anytime soon.