Is Chris Christie already washed up as far as 2016 goes? I′d say so! But he is not alone as several of the GOP presidential candidates bumbled their way through a non-debate-debate held in New Hampshire last night. A ′forum′ of Republican contenders was held in Manchester, NH at St. Anselm College. Hosted by local radio guy, Jack Heath, the event was sponsored by The Union Leader newspaper. Only 14 of the 17 candidates participated, three of them by video from elsewhere. The format was screwy at best. Contenders sat in the front row while one candidate at a time was grilled on stage or on screen. Very little was learned as most just recited their usual talking points, often in a nervous, awkward way. And then there were gaffes, too. But missing from the forum was Donald Trump, who is expanding his lead according to the latest polls.

I have to admit that I did not watch the forum which was aired live on C-SPAN at 9pm Monday evening. I tuned as I usually do to the Sportsman Channel for their ′Lock & Load Monday′ night of programs on firearms. But I caught the repeat and I have to say, I would have rather watched an episode of the Real Housewives rather than this silly forum. To say it was dull is an understatement. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul were about the only ones who appeared to have a pulse and they weren′t even there! They were in a studio in Washington as both had voted in the failed attempt to defund Planned Parenthood.

Hard to say who did worse? Between Jeb Bush still trying to distance himself from his brother George W, and Chris Christie asking if he is washed up when asked if he missed his chance for the White House in 2012, kind of hard to tell whom is the biggest fool. But I′ll go with George Pataki for his droning responses and getting cut-off in mid-sentence as his time ran out. Watching Pataki being led off stage was funny, though though it would have been better if they had one of those hook-things once used to take bad Vaudeville acts off stage. Pataki looked like a deer searching for a car to run him over.

Donald Trump skipped the forum as he is at odds with The Union Leader newspaper. They have been very critical of Trump and as we all know, paybacks are a b*tch. The Donald is not going to allow anyone to railroad him. I suspect that had the format been more rational, then Trump may have reconsidered. But the whole thing was just perfectly dreadful.

So the big news comes later on today when the 5pm EDT deadline arrives. This is the cut-off time for polling data to be entered for determining who will be on stage for the prime-time debate on Fox News and who will get a seat at the kiddy-table debate Thursday afternoon. The ′Loser′ debate will also be aired at 5pm EDT on Thursday, followed by the ′Winner′ debate at 9pm. Judging from most of the recent polls, it looks like Rick Perry will be sitting with the kiddies while Kasich and Christie play with the adults. Not that it will do them much good as Donald Trump sucks the wind out of everyone′s sails.

The Trump Train just keeps chugging right along, building up a head of steam with the latest polls showing that his lead is increasing. Even his favorable-unfavorable numbers have completely reversed, making him more popular than anybody else, including Hillary Clinton and the other Democrats. On specific issues, Trump is also in the lead. For fixing the economy, Trump blows away everybody with more than 50%. His nearest competitor was Scott Walker at 9%. On healthcare, national defense and immigration, Trump also leads the rest. We′ve already seen that he can survive gaffes. What crazy thing could he possibly say now that might derail him? The Trump phenomenon is rapidly building into the Trump avalanche. If this keeps going the way it has been, by November 2016, we may be looking at the largest political blowout in history!

Dr. Michael Savage, host of ′The Savage Nation′, said last Friday that a Trump versus Bernie Sanders contest could end up with Donald winning 85% to Sander′s15%. I′ll be more realistic and give the Democrats, any Democrat, the benefit of getting a solid 30% of the popular vote no matter whom they run. But a whole lot of Democrats may sit the game out, especially if Hillary Clinton gets the nomination/coronation. The word is that internal polls by the DNC are showing Hill-Dog losing to most of the GOP field now. The only person more washed up than Chris Christie is Hillary Clinton. Well, thats what happens when you dance with Barack Obama. No amount of soap can clean your soul.