Will Joe Biden run for president in 2016? That seems to be the big question this weekend. Rumors of meetings, lunches and death-bed conversations appear to indicate that Biden is considering tossing his hat in the ring. It would not be unexpected as vice presidents often run after their boss′ second term, though few win. Many thought Biden may just retire having tried twice before and failed early in both attempts. But as the Hillary Clinton campaign continues to stumble and more scandals plague her, Democrats are getting nervous. On Friday, another document-dump of Clinton emails by the State Department shows some 41 emails contained classified material which had been stored on her private server. Four others with classified material from 5 different agencies were found earlier when two inspector generals reviewed a sample of just 40 emails. Hillary may be going to court facing criminal charges before she goes to the White House.

As the numbers for Clinton continue to decline, Democrats are seeking an alternative. Bernie Sanders is getting much traction from this. Not only has he been drawing larger crowds than Hillary has, his recent on-line, tele-rally this past week had some 100,000 participants. So talk of drafting Biden or Elizabeth Warren or John Kerry has been increasing. Hillary Clinton is not trusted and a growing number of voters do not believe her explanations. Throw in her Wall Street connections, the Clinton Foundation issues and more rumors about Bill Clinton cheating on Hillary again and we have a leaky boat that is starting to sink.

But is Joe Biden the answer? Crazy Joe? Donald Trump seems to think that the November 2016 election may be between Biden and himself. There are even rumors that some in the White House, particularly Michelle Obama and her ′gal-pal′, the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, are opposed to Hillary Clinton being the nominee. Some say that they are behind much of the leaked material exposing the various Clinton scandals. If for no other purpose than to deflect the various Obama administration scandals. Some of which, especially the Benghazi terrorist attack, Hillary played a major role in.

I really don′t see Joe Biden helping the cause any. If he were smart, Biden would just exit the stage and fade away. Let him go swim naked where nobody will care. But, Biden, like most politicians, is an egomaniac who thinks he is loved and respected by all. He also believes his own lies. So, it wouldn′t surprise me if Joe Biden did run for president in 2016. He really doesn′t have anything to lose in trying.