′The Great One′, Mark Levin, is mad yet again! Last night on his floundering radio show, Levin went on a tirade about Donald Trump and even took a swipe at Michael Savage on the side. Perhaps Levin made a batch of meatballs that were dry and tasteless? My mom used to make them like that. Yuk! Over-cooked the pasta, too! Oh well, back to ′The Great American′, Levin is upset that Trump has yet to appear on his radio show. Trump has been making the rounds to others, including twice recently on ′The Savage Nation′, hosted by Dr. Michael Savage. In fact, Trump has even offered to consider appointing the good doctor as the head of the National Institute for Health, NIH, once elected. Big Pharma beware!

What is gnawing away at Mark Levin is that Trump is hogging the spotlight from those whom Levin believe are ′true Conservatives′. That Trump is not talking enough about the Constituuuuuuuution. As we all know, Mark Levin is a big fan of the Founding Fathers and the Constituuuuuuuution. Levin refuses to acknowledge the reality that we are in the current mess we have because of the Constituuuuuuuuution and the flaws the Founding Fathers drafted. Not only did they give all 3 branches of the federal government too much power, but they also gave the legislature the power of the purse.

As I have pointed out many times, it is for these reasons that the Swiss did not adopt our form of government and instead formed a ′more perfect union′. A republic with a weak central government and the power of the purse firmly in the hands of the citizens. Any new taxes or increase of the rates for current taxes must be approved of by a national referendum. Now that′s power to The People!

So, while Mark Levin paints Barack Obama and others as ′statists′, he is, in fact, one himself. Odd how in all of his books about the Constituuuuution, Levin has not considered such flaws in our political system. Of course, he didn′t consider the Constituuuuution very much when Levin vetted Anthony Kennedy for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court, either. Go figure!

Had there been something decent on TV last night, I would not have bothered tuning in to listen to ′The Great One′, Mark Levin. But, every now and then I have to subject myself to such distasteful things in order to stay informed. While I am sad that Mark Levin has gone on the anti-Donald Trump bandwagon, and continues to attack Dr. Michael Savage of ′The Savage Nation′, I suppose it is to be expected based on Levin′s character. By the way, I also listened to Savage yesterday who now claims that he is the first in the Media who wants to see a showdown between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in the 2016 general election. A Battle Royale between Capitalism and Socialism. I said it first weeks ago here! Now I know I′m in trouble having broken the Savage Barrier! I′ve gone beyond the cutting edge, beyond the tip of the spear. Dare I say it? I′m in the ′Danger Zone′? Phrasing! LOL!