So now Mitt Romney slams Ted Cruz for remarks made by Cruz concerning Barack Obama and his Iran nuclear deal. Cruz all but accuses Obama of being a state sponsor of terrorism by handing over billions of dollars to Iran as part of the poorly negotiated package. Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism, the biggest in the world. The Obama deal returns billions of dollars from assets frozen, some as far back as 1979. It also allows Iran to resume selling its oil on the world market and to purchase military equipment and technology. Romney claims that he, too, opposes the Iran nuke deal, but he thinks that Ted Cruz went too far in his criticism of Obama.

Of course, Ted Cruz is absolutely correct in his assessment of Obama and the Iranian nuclear deal. If the money aspect is not bad enough, we now know that there are many secret side-deals with Iran. Even after the deal was agreed upon, Iran is still trying to milk extra exceptions, such as not permitting international inspectors to take soil samples. Iran says it will take and hand over the samples when requested. These soil samples help inspectors determine the level of radiation and the types of radioactive materials being used at the facilities.

If Ted Cruz really wanted to call Obama and outright terrorist enabler, he could have easily done so. The number of Muslim immigrants the Obama administration is allowing into the United States from known, terrorist states is staggering. At least 100,000 in the past year! That′s about six, full-strength infantry divisions. Nearly all of these immigrants are not being checked for any terrorist ties. A recent report shows that despite millions of dollars being allocated to train thousands of ′moderate Muslims′ in Syria, only some 65 have been vetted as to having no ties to terrorists, so far. Yet, Obama keeps allowing a flood of Syrians and Somalis into the USA.

Yes, these are grim times thanks to Barack Obama. As Mitt Romney slams Ted Cruz about Obama′s Iran nuke deal, I think what Mitt is really doing is trying to attack Cruz for not entering the ′bash-Trump′ frenzy. Most of the ′Cuckservative′ pundits at Fox News have been anti-Cruz for ages. Hume, Krauthammer, Will and the like have never approved of Ted Cruz. Cruz has a steady following so far in the 2016 elections and has not suffered much from the entry of Donald Trump in the campaign. I can see that Cruz may be angling for the V-P spot on the Trump ticket. Makes sense to me. It also makes sense that Mitt would not be happy if a Trump-Cruz ticket were to win the White House. Especially since Donald Trump will do far better with Black and Hispanic voters than Romney did.