In case you have been living under a rock, the ′BIG STORY′ of the past week, if you watch the Main Stream Media, has been the death of Cecil the lion. The poor kitty was shot by an American hunter, a dentist. The culprit thought he was all hooked up with the proper big-game hunting permits, etc., when he shot the lion. But now there seems to be some question about that and authorities are making arrests and seeking an extradition of the dentist. The Internet is all a-buzzed with tweets and other social media postings, expressing outrage over the killing. Yet, hardly any notice is being paid to the continuing story of Planned Parenthood selling body parts from aborted babies. #LionsLivesMatter but not human infants. The hypocrisy is typical. Even Sarah Palin got in a jab posting a ′split-screen′ image of the Confederate flag and aborted fetuses asking the question which is a greater threat? Some 90,000 African-American infants were aborted last year by Planned Parenthood. Do #BlackLivesMatter or will the George Soros funded group start picketing Planned Parenthood as they have 80% of their clinics in poor, urban neighborhoods?

Its a Friday and the end of July so the perfect time for an ′Open Thread′ piece. A chance to catch up on news items other than those about Donald Trump. You may feel free to post a comment on any subject you wish. Take Hillary Clinton, for example. Or should I say, ″Take Hillary Clinton… PUHLEASE!!!″? The poor girl is in more hot water as we now learn that those four of 40 emails reviewed by an inspector general from ′the Intelligence Community′ contained classified material from 5 different agencies. Her numbers continue to drop and there are fresh allegations that Bill Clinton is cheating on Hill-Dog. A buxom blonde bombshell, no less! Nicknamed ′Energizer′ by Bill′s Secret Service detail, the new mistress is a crowd favorite as she even bakes cookies for the T-Men! Now THAT′S Class! Bill sure can pick′em!

Of course, Barack Obama is still around screwing up the country. Since just changing the math formula on unemployment numbers is not enough to convince people that Obama has improved the economy, the Department of Commerce has now changed the formula for calculating GDP growth. They released a revised set of numbers this week on the 1st Quarter which had been a 0.2% contraction and now, thanks to Obama′s new math, is a 0.6% gain. The initial estimate for the 2nd Quarter is a mediocre 2.3%, so that means it is probably closer to somewhere between 1.5% to as low as 0.47% growth. Does it REALLY matter either way given our fiat currency system? Probably not!

So those are just a couple of items we have missed this week that deserve attention. Are you upset about the death of Cecil the Lion? Have you used the hash-tag, #CecilTheLion on Twitter yet? Do you think the dentist should be drawn and quartered? Or was Cecil doomed from the start after being named fro the dreaded White man, Cecil Rhodes, Father of the Anglo-American Hegemony? Or do other concerns float your boat? Do you fear Hillary Clinton totally mismanaging the nation? Perhaps even worse than Barack Obama? Hard to say which among these two is a bigger liar? Even which is more insane? Oh well, maybe August will be a better month, though I can′t imagine why it would be other than that Obama will be on another vacation.