Its a another day and another batch of fresh polls shows Donald Trump continuing to lead the pack of now 17 GOP candidates for the 2016 race for the White House. You gotta wonder why former Virginia governor, Jim Gilmore, has even bothered to file the paperwork to join the fray? The only way he, or others like Chris Christie would ever win the 2016 presidential nomination is if the rest of the candidates all suddenly died. Weeks ago, the professional political class thought that Trump was finished due to his stand on illegal immigration. That he would be unable to secure enough of the Hispanic vote to make a contest of the election. But in a new survey of registered voters by the Public Policy Poll, PPP, Trump leads all of the GOP contenders amongst Hispanic and Latino voters voters. The Donald scored a 34% favorable rating, with Jeb Bush coming second at 31%, Ted Cruz at 30%, Walker and Rubio at 29% and Fiorina at 25%. By comparison, Hillary Clinton scored 50% and Bernie Sanders 38% in the same poll. In Florida, the new St. Pete Poll has Trump leading home-boys Bush and Rubio. Even Scott Walker edged out Marco!

I know what you′re thinking. Here we go again, Andy is talking up Trump! In all honesty, I wouldn′t mind writing about other things. The new stories about the British EM Drive that is like the impulse engine from Star Trek or the new, 2-petawatt, ′Death Star′ super-laser built in Japan are cool topic subjects for me being a techy-geek. If I really wanted lots of page views, then the Cecil the Lion story needs attention. But with my schedule of doctor and nurse visits and such, I′m lucky when I can get time to write one article, let alone two.

Donald Trump is news and he ain′t going away. People thought he was finished, especially after his McCain remarks, but it just bounced right off of Trump. So too has other stories this week which bear no repeating as they are lies or just plain silly. Bloomberg News held a focus group in New Hampshire and the results are pretty grim for much of the GOP pack, especially Jeb Bush. The group consisted of folks who have voted for the ′Establishment′ candidates in prior elections and they are now all for Trump. In their view, Donald speaks for them, addressing their concerns and their aspirations. They were throwing around words like ″classy″ to describe what a Trump administration might be like. Consensus was that The Donald is the guy to restore America to greatness again.

The situation is so awful for the gaggle that Fox News has started changing their rules for next week′s debate. For starters, guys like Huckabee, Perry and Christie have been given extra ′face-time′ on FNC shows. such as ″The Five″, in hopes of lifting them out of the basement. The rule about limiting the debate to the top 10 candidates in the polls is also being reconsidered. Particularly a condition that the candidate must be above 1%. Fox News is now also planning a separate debate for the ′Mundane Seven′ earlier Thursday before the big prime-time showdown.

Of course, the big losers are the Liberal Media, especially the Huffington Post, for treating Donald Trump like some circus side show. The polls are showing that Trump is prospering, gaining ground. Now you have the Koch brothers trying to freeze out Trump. But even Donald′s old rival, Mark Cuban, is backing Trump up. Hurricane Donald has made landfall and his opponents will be soon reaping the whirlwind. Ted Cruz has been smart to stay out of the line of fire. The Bloomberg focus group shows that Bush and others who attack Trump are only slitting their own throats. The ordinary people see Trump as one of them, not a professional politician. For weeks, I′ve been saying the same thing and taking heat for it. But once again, I′m right and they′re wrong! You just can′t argue with success and nothing says success more than flying around in your own Boeing 757 with your name is huge lettering across it. The sooner you get used to the idea of a President Trump, the better off you will be.