Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee are in a sand kicking contest over the Iran nuclear deal. Huckabee called it ″idiotic″ and says that Obama is leading Israel to the ″oven doors″. Obama fired back that Huckabee′s Holocaust reference was inappropriate and claims that ″99% of the world″ thinks its a good deal. Certainly is a good deal for Iran! I wonder if that 99% includes all 57 states? Then Obama attacked all of the GOP candidates and the Republican Party in general for opposing his Iran deal. As usual, Obama acted like he was still on the campaign trail. He even bragged that if he ran again, he would win. Is that what this is all about? Does Obama fear about no longer being front page news?

First, Obama is just plain crazy or a maniacal liar for his stance on the Iran nuke deal. Not only does it not stop Iran from refining uranium, but the UN inspectors, whom will not include any Americans, have to give Iran 28 days (CORRECTION: 24 Days) notice before inspecting a non-military facility. Military facilities will not be inspected at all! Considering that Iran has never honored a single international agreement since the Islamic extremists took over in 1979, what makes anyone believe that this deal will succeed in preventing Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

Now, one would think that Obama may have some issues with the latest tweets coming from the supreme leader of Iran. Including a picture which seems to show Obama pointing a gun to his own head. If you want something to be outraged about, there it is! But not one peep from Obama nor his minions. I guess they don′t think that is so bad. Less important than Obama preaching overseas about the Confederate flag. We also have the Iranians continuing with their usual rhetoric about destroying Israel and the United States. Obama is apparently good with that as well.

Barack Obama has nothing on Mike Huckabee for calling the Iran deal ″idiotic″. Nor for the ″oven doors″ crack. The Iranians are spewing far worse on a daily basis. Presidents are not supposed to be airing any dirty laundry when overseas. But then, in the case of Obama, all he has is dirty laundry. Laundry Obama soiled himself!