A fresh series of surveys by Zogby, CNN and NBC show that Donald Trump leads the polls, even after the big, John McCain dust-up. There seems to be no stopping him. With the first GOP presidential debate just ten days away, many seasoned candidates are facing being shut out as Trump keeps rolling up his score. No wonder considering how weak and feeble many career politicians appear these days. I can′t tell if Lindsey Graham is a ′Cuckservative′ or a ′Cluckservative′? Graham′s knee-jerk ways come off as that of a chicken on its way to a fryer. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has more ′machismo′ than ″Machete″! If he were younger with darker hair, Trump could play Sterling Archer in a live-action version of ″Archer″. Do the latest polls indicate that Donald Trump is taking the Republican Party down a ″Highway To The Danger Zone″?

With 16 GOP candidates vying for 10 spots in the first debate next week Thursday, tensions are building. Currently, if the national polling averages hold, Jindal, Pataki, Kasich, Santorum, Fiorina and Graham are all out of luck. Kasich, who just entered the race last week, may have a chance of displacing Perry or Christie before the deadline. The only candidates in the double digits are Trump, Walker and Bush. The rest of the field is lumped in between 5% and 3%. Nearly a third of Republican voters polled have yet to even consider supporting any of the candidates.

So there is most definitely some discontent out there. Something which Donald Trump is feasting on. A few pundits are comparing Trump with Reagan as having that gift of gab, of being a great ′communicator′. Reagan had plenty of schooling, first as an actor, then later giving speeches. The Donald has had a successful TV career and has been hamming it up for a long time. Orsen Welles, who dabbled in magic, once was told by a professional magician that a true magician is an actor playing a magician. Can Donald Trump play an actor playing a politician?

Given that Donald Trump leads the polls, I would say he′s doing a great job of it. He′s drawing larger and larger crowds. Enthusiastic crowds! Unlike Hillary Clinton, who is just stumbling over herself for attention. Her biggest crowd has been just 3,000 and most of the time she′s lucky to have 100 people show up. Worse yet, there is little enthusiasm for her coming from the Youth Vote, a key Democrat block. Not that he needs it, my advice to Donald Trump is to cut a deal for an official theme song with Kenny Loggins ″Highway To The Danger Zone″. I can see the music video now! Trump flying his Boeing 757, doing barrel rolls and Split-Ss, blasting away at illegal immigrants and Chinese tariff-free imports with missiles and gatling guns! A summer blockbuster!