So far in this election cycle, it appears that our options for a new president are limited to crooks, kooks, and possibly, ′Cuckservatives′. Oh-oh! That′s a naughty word, according to some. On the Democrat side, we have Hillary Clinton, who is possibly a crook, most certainly a kook. Some on the Republican side may fall into either of those categories. If you believe members of the Liberal Media, Donald Trump is a kook. One thing he most certainly is not is a ′Cuckservative′. Ooh, THAT word, again! Its a Sunday and the perfect time to look into ′THAT word′. Especially since it always boils down to sex and Freud.

Some are aghast at the notion of a ′Cuckservative′. The word is derived from cuckold, which, itself, is derived from cuckoo. Kooks, again, eh? The female cuckoo bird is said to often leave its eggs in others nests, and may change mates frequently. Unlike the valiant penguin, who is said to take one mate for life and always knows where its own nest is. In human terms, cuckold refers to a man who likes to watch his wife be ′serviced′ by others. On the Internet, the impression is that this involves a White man with a White wife having sex with a Black or Hispanic man. However, the term is more general than that, with no real race issues involved. But, in our modern, over sensitized world, people try to inject race into everything.

A cuckold is a weak, timid man who requires others to satisfy his wife, though, in one of the earliest uses of the term, in Chaucer′s ″The Miller′s Tale″, the cuckold is just a real stupid man, tricked by his unfaithful wife′s lovers. A Cuckservative therefore is a weak, timid Conservative, whom is easily tricked. Take for example Mitch McConnell, who recently caved in and went back on his pledge of preventing a floor vote on restoring the Import-Export Bank. Ted Cruz has called out ′Old Turkey-Neck′ on this.

This whole ′Cuckservative′ thing is good news for Donald Trump, because one thing Trump is not is weak nor timid. In fact, this may be why Trump is actually doing well in some state polls with Black and Hispanic voters. Its the whole, ′Machismo′ thing! Unlike many politicians who are quick to apologize when they misspeak or outright insult somebody, Trump just keeps blasting away, standing his ground. Trump is a real Man, a Man′s Man! We also have to look at sex appeal. Obama did well amongst women because he is attractive and conjures fantasies. George W Bush did well in 2004 winning the ′Security Mom′ vote of women who wanted him to protect them and their families. If you were a woman and voted based on whom you′d like to sleep with, Trump would be a good catch. The guy has his own jetliner and a gold-plated hot tub!

Unlike, for example, Martin O′Malley. Talk about a cuckold! The guy has all of the spine of a wet noodle. I′ve seen angel hair pasta with more resolve than him. As for Hillary Clinton, good grief! I doubt if even putting a bag over her head would help. What difference could it possibly make? Heh-heh-heh! Yep, when it comes down to sexual politics, Donald Trump is king of the hill. Scott Walker runs a close second, especially these days that women are becoming attracted to ′The Dad Body′ types. Walker is good looking enough with no real drawbacks. Marco Rubio might run a distant third as, while he is ′The Pretty Boy′ of the bunch, he′s flipped-flopped enough to qualify as a ′Cuckservative′. Much the same as Jeb Bush, another ′Dad Body′. On that score, Ted Cruz is a ′Dad Body′ with better principles. As for the rest of the GOP candidates, toss them into a cocktail shaker with a scoop or two of ice.

While some think we should ban the word ′Cuckservative′, I disagree! I will say that it needs to be properly defined, which I believe I have done so here. Race has nothing to do with it. Its all about the backbone! I′m not cuckoo for RINOs, nor for CINOs if you prefer. To begin with, banning words and phrases is the Liberal-Progressive game, not ours. I like to think that we should represent folks whom are not afraid to talk about anything. Maybe Greg Gutfeld thinks that life is better banning words and phrases, but not I! So do′t be surprised if I use the term again to describe am alleged ′Conservative′ who caves in to The Mob on some matter of principle. By the way, the latest CNN poll shows Trump still leading and it was taken after the John McCain nonsense. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Reince Feibus-Kaneibus-Preisbus!