Two Inspector Generals, one from the Department of State, the other from the “Intelligence Community” have requested that the DOJ launch a full probe on the matter of Hillary Clinton using a private email server for her official work. The IGs have apparently found a sufficient number of issues concerning whether or not any classified material was mishandled by Hillary Clinton, a potentially criminal offense, back when she was Secretary of State. That some classified material may have been sent to her via her private email server, was stored and redistributed by said server. Such would be a violation of federal law on how classified material should be handled. This could be a major blow to the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Her polling numbers are continuing to slip as she is viewed as being untrustworthy.

(Corrected and Updated, see below)

The Hillary Clinton email scandal has been brewing for months now and is just one of several potential scandals for Ms. Clinton. While issues like possible influence peddling under the Clinton charity foundation are still being looked into, the email scandal is now developing ′legs′. According to reports by several media outlets, the two DOJ inspector generals have discovered indications of ″hundreds of potentially classified emails″ that found their way on and through Hillary Clinton′s private email server. This was not a situation of a handful of documents slipping through the cracks. Indications are that this was a pattern of abuse, or at the very least, extremely sloppy management.

Hillary Clinton has yet to recover any ground in her poll numbers since the email and Clinton Foundation stories broke. Amongst Democrat voters, her numbers have not change significantly, except for when voters were asked if they would consider voting for another candidate. Overall nationwide, Clinton′s numbers have slipped considerably, especially her favorable rating. Early on she had a favorable of about 54%, now, one recent poll has her ay 39%. A new series of swing-state polls show Republican candidates now beating her.

Will the Department of Justice act on the request by two federal inspector generals to launch a criminal probe into the Hillary Clinton email scandal? That is the big question of the day! If the Barack Obama administration gives the DOJ the green light, it could knock the current Democrat front runner out of the 2016 presidential campaign. Should this happen, we may have a ′dream race′ between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump! Socialism versus Capitalism! The Spectacle continues…

UPDATE 7/26/2015:

And so it does continue! First, I corrected the first paragraph in that the two federal inspector generals were not from the DOJ. One was from the State Department, the other from the “Intelligence Community”, whatever THAT means. Secondly, the New York Times initially reported that the IGs requested a “criminal probe”. However, apparently after be badgered by the Hillary Clinton campaign, the NY Times walked the story back to the IGs only requesting that the DOJ conduct a probe. Keep in mind, however, that the mishandling of classified documents is a criminal offense. Hillary Clinton, herself, has claimed that none of her emails had any classified documents. But one of the Inspector Generals found four such documents in a sampling of just 40 emails. So, if one were to examine all of the some 30,000 emails exchanged by Hillary Clinton on her private server, the potential is that hundreds of classified documents could be found.