If you are a fan of ′Spectacle′, then you must love Donald Trump! The Donald visited Laredo, Texas yesterday to attend a meeting with the US Border Patrol and other law enforcement officials about the situation along the US-Mexico border. A huge crowd of supporters showed up, perhaps the largest yet in the 2016 presidential campaign. There were some critics of Donald Trump also, including a few members of the hostile press corps. Trump bashed the Liberal Media for taking him out of context and told one such reporter from the Telemundo network, ″you′re finished″. Fans of Trump cheered him on as The Donald continues to tell the truth no matter who it may offend.

Illegal immigration is a crisis in the United States. Billions of tax dollars are drained away from benefiting the nation′s citizens to deal with the flood of illegals. Crimes against true citizens by illegal immigrants are staggering. In Texas, just during the past 6.5 years since Barack Obama has been president, well more than 600,000 Texans have been victims of criminal acts by illegal immigrants. Nearly 3,000 legal citizens of Texas have been murdered by illegal immigrants while Obama has occupied the White House. And yet, the Obama administration is preparing to release another 100,000 illegals from prison, many of which were convicted of violent crimes such as rape and murder.

The Far Left is in great fear of Donald Trump. Should Trump actually get elected in 2016, there is no doubt that he will do something about the crisis at the border. Trump is a man of action! You don′t make $10 Billion dollars by sitting quietly on your hands. You won′t see The Donald sleeping in everyday until 10am and then calling it a day by 3pm. Nope! Trump will actually put in a full day and get things done!

The visit to the border was marred somewhat by the union types and federal bureaucrats who forbid Trump from meeting the Border Patrol officers at their headquarters. But Trump still met with some, along with other state and local law enforcement officials. After which, Trump took questions from a hostile media of Left-Wing reporters, nearly all of which were still hammering at him over comments he made during his first campaign speech. Donald Trump not only held his ground, defending his position on illegal immigration, but then dismissed the Media as a bunch of liars. The voters at the rallies loved it and love Trump! Finally, we have a man who acts like a man and not a sponge!