A second video from the Center of Medical Progress has been released, this time clearly showing the Planned Parenthood medical directors council president, Dr. Maru Gatter, quoting prices for body parts from aborted babies. She even jokes that she hopes to afford a new Lamborghini. Just as in the previous video, Gatter explains to the actors playing specimen buyers for a medical research lab that Planned Parenthood cannot sell the body parts for profit, but they can charge to recover their expenses. But what makes this video different is that Gatter seems to be willing to negotiate a price, $75 per specimen, to make the sale. Also, just as in the first video, Dr. Gatter talks freely just as had Dr. Deborah Nucatola about altering procedures in order not to crush organs to be sold. Chilling is hardly sufficient a word to describe this.

While Dr. Gatter may say that Planned Parenthood is ″not in it for the money″, one has to wonder how much money they do make selling body parts from dead babies? Given that they are already getting money from us taxpayers, as well as donations from corporations and other contributors, to perform the abortions in the first place. Whatever they earn in selling body parts may be pure profit. Only an investigation by the authorities can learn whether this is so. But will the Justice Department conduct such an investigation? Under the Barack Obama administration, probably not.

When the first video by the Center for Medical Progress came out, I gave Planned Parenthood the benefit of our judicial system, innocent until proven guilty. In my view, they have plenty of problems to begin with, such as being founded by a racist, Margaret Sanger, who once wrote in December 19, 1939 in a letter to Dr. Clarence Gamble that the goal of Planned Parenthood was, ″We do not want word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population″. Margaret Sanger even mentioned hiring some ″Negro ministers″ to ″straighten out″ any ″rebellious members″ who figure out the truth. Hillary Clinton might have to rethink naming Sanger as one of her personal heroes if that were to become common knowledge throughout our society.

But, the Liberal Media and Academia have done a fine job of suppressing the truth. That is, until now! Thanks to the Internet, pretty much anybody can become a citizen-journalist and expose the liars for what they are. So I will still say on the subject of the sale of body parts from aborted babies that we should give Planned Parenthood the benefit of innocent until proven guilty. However, this second video certainly indicates that the notion of them selling such parts, possibly for profit, is not just one doctor misspeaking or being taken out of context. There may not be smoke from a fire, but there certainly is a fishy smell which requires more investigation.