It would not be summer without sharks. No, not Shark Week. I′m talkin′ SHARKNADO!!! Yes, ′Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No′ premiers tonight on the SyFy Channel. The campy spoof disaster movie is back again with more sharks and even more B, C, and D list celebrities. Of course, Tara Reid and Ian Ziering are back for a third bite at some easy money. Does the plot really matter? Nope! But this time around Sharknado attacks Washington DC, tangling with President Mark Cuban and his Vice President, Ann Coulter. Hah! And the Liberals thought Dick Cheney was the most dangerous veep in US history! Sharknado 3 also takes a bite out of Orlando, Florida, most likely a ploy by producers to include a commercial for the company theme park. Just goes to show that Sharknado is the perfect storm!

As I mentioned, there are oodles of celebrities in Sharkando 3. Everybody wants to jump in the water! Bo Derek, David Hasselhoff, Holly Madison, Penn Jillette and Teller, Jerry Springer and even Michele Bachmann! Rumor has it that Mr. Selfie, Anthony Weiner, also gets a cameo where he is eaten by a shark. Who could ask for more?

Sure, Sharknado is about as silly a concept for a movie as you can get. But its all good, clean fun. Who could forget in Sharknado 2 when they spoofed ′Snakes on a Plane′ with ′Sharks on a Plane′? All we need now is for the Ice Capades to come out with ′Sharknado on Ice′! Then this phenomenon will become a permanent fixture of American culture.

So gather the family and nuke some popcorn! ′Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No′ airs tonight on the SyFy Channel at 9pm EDT. More celebrities and more sharks will be duking it out for screen time. If you have been living under a rock for the past two years, SyFy will also be rerunning the first two Sharknado movies, making it a true, Sharknado marathon! Top off the tank of your chain saw and get ready for SHARKNADO!