Does Donald Trump owe John McCain an apology? Does John McCain owe the people of Arizona an apology for calling some ″a bunch of crazies″? Or to the families of missing Vietnam veterans for opposing the release of documents about MIAs? Does John McCain owe an apology to his former shipmates of the USS Forrestal after a misfired rocket knocked a bomb off from his A-4 jet and caused an explosive, fiery accident costing 134 lives and 161 injuries, almost sinking the aircraft carrier? I could go on, but you get the drift. Donald Trump and John McCain have never liked each other, so there is little point in getting sucked into this fight. Naturally, other 2016 candidates will attack Trump as he is sucking the wind from their sails. Even Hillary Clinton is starting to worry about Trump!

As usual, the Media is only focusing on one, brief phrase from Donald Trump and ignoring his entire set of remarks. He did, in fact, refer to McCain as a war hero four times during the Q&A session at an event in Ames, Iowa. Much of what Trump said was ′spot-on′ when it comes to John McCain and his overall usefulness as a sitting senator from Arizona. Even more so as a leader within the Republican Party. John McCain has been a train wreck for the cause of Liberty and Conservative values for decades.

Donald Trump may not be a true Conservative. He may not even be a real Republican. But he is outspoken and not afraid to say what he thinks and stick with it. Compare Trump with the shameless performance of Martin O′Malley this past weekend. The former mayor of Baltimore could not bend over and apologize fast enough to satisfy the idiots of Netroots Nation after his gaffe. O′Malley dared suggested that #AllLivesMatter, not just Black lives, that set off a firestorm of Liberal indignation. Talk about not being inclusive!

So do you agree that there is no need of an apology from Donald Trump to John McCain? Is Trump correct in being critical of the Arizona senator? Or will you join the chorus of establishment Republicans, RINOs and the Liberal Media in attacking Trump? We shall soon see how this incident plays in the polls.