Former Mayor of Baltimore and ex-Governor of Maryland, Martin O′Malley, got himself into some hot water at the Liberal-Progressive conference held by Netroots Nation held in Phoenix, Arizona. Speaking before a super-Left-Wing crowd, O′Malley was asked about the Baltimore police. O′Malley defended the police during his tenure as mayor, then echoed the familiar ′hash-tag′, Black Lives Matter. Then O′Malley added ″White lives matter″ and ″All lives matter″. This was met with a chorus of boos and protests by the militant audience. At one point, O′Malley stood on stage dumb-founded as Tia Oso, a member of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, got on stage and addressed the audience, educating them about ″Black love″ and Black refugees trapped in Arizona. Another Democrat hopeful for 2016, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, had spoken earlier to the crowd and was also heckled for not being Black enough. Martin O′Malley tried to make amends later, apologizing both to the crowd at Netroots and again on a digital broadcast of the show, ″This Week in Blackness″.

Netroots Nation is about as Far Left as you can go. Mostly it is a collection, or should I say collective, of bloggers and Socialist Media types, such as writers from, DailyKos, and other Liberal websites. That they would balk at any hint of true justice, that all lives matter, is no surprise. Netroots, like all Liberals, divide and conquer. They seek to cause as much chaos as possible by driving groups into isolation, splitting society into special interests and pitting one against the rest. They are unified by their goal of promoting disunity and disharmony.

No surprise that Hillary Clinton stayed clear of Netroots Nation. They would still attack her for supporting the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. I almost feel sorry for Bernie Sanders getting heckled by them. As far as Martin O′Malley goes, he lost what little credibility he may have had by caving in so quickly to the Netroots mob. I suppose the Netroots Nation types oppose the concept that #AllLivesMatter because that might include all life mattering, including the life of aborted babies before they are harvested for body parts.