Some new polls are out and we also have the ′cover sheet′ of the FEC financial statement filed by GOP candidate Donald Trump, showing him being worth more than $10 Billion dollars. Wednesday was the filing deadline with the Federal Elections Committee and the Trump campaign for the 2016 White House race fulfilled its obligations in time. One less excuse now for Fox News to ban Trump from the upcoming debates. The Donald is also doing great in the latest polls. Nationwide, his favorables have soared to 57% amongst Republicans, only 6 points behind Jeb Bush in a poll by the Washington Post and ABC News. Among all voters, Trump climbed from just 17% to 33%, with Bush is at 38%. Look out Hillary Clinton, who saw her favorables drop to just 39% among all voters. In the new nationwide poll by Suffolk University and USA Today, Trump is Number One with 17% of GOP voters to Jeb Bush in second place with 14%.

So, we have Donald Trump rising in his first month as a presidential candidate while Hillary Clinton is declining after 3 months. She′s even looking at staging yet another re-re-re-re-launch of her campaign! One wonders when she′ll just board her ′Scooby Van′ and drive away into obscurity? In the latest AP/GFK poll, which showed only 39% of all voters have a favorable view of Hillary Clinton, the poll also tells us that some 43% of Democrats who currently support her are ready to vote for somebody other than Hillary. THAT is NOT good! The rats are looking for some piece of flotsam to jump to off of the sinking ship.

While Donald Trump packed some 15,000 people into a venue that only seats 4,500, even outdoing Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton gave yet another lack-luster ′major speech′ on Monday that hardly drew any attention. She was talking up the economy and her only solution was raising the federal minimum wage. Most businesses already have starting wages in the $9-12 an hour range, and many are already doing $15 an hour. Many states have already raised their minimum wage to $12-15 an hour, far above the current federal standard. Talk about being out-of-touch! Hillary′s slip in the polls is even making Joe Biden ponder about entering the campaign.

The Republican 2016 presidential primary field will be getting more crowded this week as current Ohio Governor John Kasich and former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore declare their candidacies. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker jumped in the race for the White House on Monday. With the first GOP debate in just a few weeks, the latest boost in poll numbers for Donald Trump places him as ′The Man′ to beat. Or should I say the ′$10 BILLION DOLLAR′ Man-to-beat? As for Hillary Clinton, how much farther will her campaign decline? Will she be washed up before the first Democrat primary debate?