There has been quite an uproar on some websites about a video showing a Planned Parenthood doctor talking about harvesting body parts from aborted babies. Some say that this is proof that they are selling such parts, like hearts, lungs and kidneys, which is a violation of not just U.S. law, but also international law. I watched the video myself and at no time did the wording by the doctor indicate that this was so. Planned Parenthood did issue a statement, admitting that they do harvest body parts from aborted babies and provide the items to medical researchers. There is no charge involved in this other than some research labs do offer to pay for the shipping costs. So while there may be smoke, there is no fire. However, what is truly disturbing in this video is the doctor describing how abortionist doctors do take such care as to not crush the babies so they can be harvested. Makes me wonder if they have the mother′s health and well being as their top priority? But this episode also raises another question, are the same corporations and groups who are bashing the Confederate flag still supporting Planned Parenthood? After all, Planned Parenthood has a history tied with racism, eugenics and even the Klu Klux Klan!

The answer, of course, is yes, the same corporations and groups who are trying to remove the Confederate flag from society are still supporting Planned Parenthood. Even though its founder, Margaret Sanger, was a big-time racist who preached eugenics and even spoke to the KKK. If that is too much history for you, let us also consider how since the early 1970s, when abortions became legal throughout the United States, the high percentage of African-American and Hispanic babies aborted by Planned Parenthood. Far above, even double that, of the population demographics. Most Planned Parenthood clinics are located in communities and neighborhoods predominantly non-White. Of the 40-some million abortions performed, nearly half are of Black and Latino babies.

When Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood, her ′reason for being′ was to stop ′undesirables′ from having children. She was a leader in the eugenics movement, which sought to apply Charles Darwin as a social policy, and work to develop and nurture a superior race, and a White race at that! Hillary Clinton claims that Sanger is one of her heroes. A woman to be admired and looked up to. Oh, really? Isn′t that interesting?

There is plenty wrong with Planned Parenthood as things stand without trumping up any accusations about breaking the law by selling body parts of aborted babies. The video released by the Center for Medical Progress, an anti-abortion group, is shocking as one of Planned Parenthood′s senior doctors talks about harvesting body parts from babies. How they try not to crush certain areas of the baby′s body so to not damage vital organs. So I′m not going to get my space-panties in a bunch over this one. But I am curious as to the hypocrisy of many supporters of Planned Parenthood who are now sounding off about the Confederate flag. When will they realize that Planned Parenthood is about as racist a group you can get?