Barack Obama is happy that he has his Iran nuke deal. He even woke up early on Tuesday morning, and dragged his stooge, Joe Biden out before the cameras. Obama only brings out Biden when its something that is a ″big, f***in′ deal″! But is this really a deal? Iran is happy, laughing all the way to their centrifuges. The agreement does little to halt their nuclear program and virtually guarantees them acquiring a nuclear weapon at some point in the next 15 years. Probably more like the next 15 months, if not weeks. Which is why sounder minds, like Benjamin Netanyahu and Dick Cheney think the deal stinks. Iran will have economic sanctions removed, securing their government, while inspections will only be required at some, not all, of their facilities. Obama is threatening to veto any bill by the Republicans to block the agreement. Of course, the basic question to be asked here is do you trust Iran, Obama or neither?

I say neither! Practically everything Obama says is a lie. He has lied about pretty much every event, every bill, every outcome. Even his original version of how the take-down of Osama bin Laden was not accurate. Nope, we cannot trust Obama one bit. Nor the Iranians. They have never honored any agreement since the regime came to power in 1979. Iran sponsors terrorism around the world and is currently holding at least three, if not four, Americans hostage. None of that was part of the negotiations.

Barack Obama wants you to believe that the Iran nuke deal will prevent war, but, if anything, it will only serve to make war inevitable. The rumor mill is churning away with chatter that Saudi Arabia is talking with Israel about how to handle Iran. The Saudis are also looking at starting their own nuclear weapons program. Between Iran and the caliphate of the Islamic State, the Middle East has become more dangerous in the past year. It is only a matter of time before the gloves come off and war begins.