A few weeks ago, Barack Obama vowed to squeeze every drop of his power to continue pushing his agenda of transforming American society. On Wednesday, the squeezing began with new housing rules to force diversity in wealthy neighborhoods and communities. The Department of Housing and Urban Development, HUD, has added some 377 pages of new federal regulations and rules, augmenting the Fair Housing Act which was a section of the Civil Rights Act of 1968. The new rules will force communities to modify their zoning laws to allow for low-income housing and set up a HUD program of issuing housing vouchers to enable those of various racial groups and income levels to buy or rent in wealthy or gated communities. Critics will argue that this is just more social engineering or a scheme to change voting patterns in favor of Democrats.

The new rules would cut off some federal funding to those communities which do not comply. Zoning law changes will include eliminating restrictions on the size of residential lots, particularly on the minimum. For example, in some gated communities, a single-family dwelling must be on a lot no smaller than a quarter acre. Under the new HUD regulations, smaller lots would be permitted. But perhaps the rules governing what is described as ″segregated living patterns″ may be the more powerful changes. Communities will be furnished with surveyed statistics to show each community how it must diversify its racial and ethnic demographics.

This will have an impact, especially in low-density population areas, on Congressional districts. Most of which currently favor Republicans, oddly enough. Obama′s plan is to spread the misery around, taking from high-density areas predominantly Democrat and physically moving Liberal voters into GOP districts. Of course, many wealthy communities are heavily Liberal and Democrat already. Which is why there is a growing push-back on the Obama administrations new rules. This morning during C-SPAN′s ′Washington Journal′, many Liberal callers voiced concerns about an increase in crime and a loss of property value on their communities. Even the home town of Bill and Hillary Clinton, in Westchester County, NY, is telling HUD to go ahead and sue them. In Chatham, IL, which is predominantly middle-class, African-American professionals who work in Chicago, they, too, are not happy with this new push by Obama.

So are you ready to have the Barack Obama administration rezone your community with ′geo-spatial′ diversity under the new Fairness in Housing rules? Will you mind crime to rise as your property values tank? Perhaps you may decide to move, but where? Obama has plans to change the racial and ethnic make-up of every community in America. Maybe you will join those who are investing in ′panic rooms′ and doomsday bunkers? They are the hottest selling things in real estate these days for the rich and infamous. One high-rise in Manhattan is offering them as a standard option for $100,000. And Liberals wonder why gun sales are way up? In the New Normal of Obama Utopia, guns and bunkers are bare essentials.