Two new national polls show Donald Trump in or tied in first place against Jeb Bush for the GOP presidential primaries. His rapid rise to the top of the pack of some 16 contenders is due to Trump′s stand on illegal immigration, which has dominated the news cycle. Today, The Donald will deliver a major speech on the subject of illegal immigration and border security in Phoenix, Arizona. The rally is expected to have thousands in attendance. On Friday, Trump was in Los Angeles, California, where he met and spoke with families who have suffered from crimes by illegal immigrants. Among those Trump met with was the father of Jamiel Shaw, a 17-year old African-American young man who was murdered by two Hispanic gunmen who were apparently illegal immigrants seeking to join a drug gang and ordered to kill someone as part of their initiation.

In the past three weeks since Donald Trump announced his bid to win the Republican nomination for presidential candidate in 2016, he has soared from 9th place to Number One. Results of a poll from The Economist and YouGov was released on Thursday showing the billionaire in the lead nationwide with 15% and Jeb Bush in 2nd place at 11%. Some 25% of Republicans polled say that Trump is their first or second choice. A Public Policy Poll of just North Carolina, a ‘purple state’, put Trump ahead of Bush by similar numbers, 16% to 12%. In another nationwide poll, this one by Reuters-Ipsos, the results are a virtual dead heat, with Jeb Bush at 16.1% and Trump at 15.8%. However, when the choices are narrowed to just three, Bush, Trump and Marco Rubio, Bush dominates at 42% with Trump at 28.4% and Rubio at an even 20%.

The RNC is trying to tamp-down Donald Trump, asking him to ′tone-it-down′. 2016 was supposed to be the year where the GOP makes a serious effort to court the Hispanic-Latino vote. Candidates like Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and even Ted Cruz were seen as having more appeal to such voters than, say, Hillary Clinton. But Trump has ignited a fire storm due to his outspoken truths about the state of our border crisis. He has tapped in to ′The Silent Majority′, which may cause problems even within the Democrat Party. In a recent focus group held by Fox News contributor Frank Luntz, two of three African-American women who sat on a panel of 20 Liberal New Yorkers supported what Donald Trump has been saying about illegal immigration. As did about half of the entire panel. Even a Liberal Jew on the panel had to admit that our borders are not secure.

If Donald Trump delivers a solid, concise speech today, laying out a rational plan for immigration reform along with his ′build-a-wall′ plan, he may make good on his statement earlier this week about winning the Hispanic vote as well. I can see Trump siphoning away portions of other voting blocks which typically go for Democrats by vast numbers. Especially with African-Americans. The last few years, there has been an increase in tensions between the Black community and Hispanics as the ′Brown vote′ displaces the ′Black vote′ as the largest minority voting block. This may explain why Barack and Michelle Obama are now starting to spread their campaign of agitation to Native American Indians, whom as an ethnic group have the lowest voting numbers.

So are you surprised that Donald Trump is rising to first place in the latest 2016 GOP polls? His is message on illegal immigration striking a chord with disgruntled and disgusted Americans? Is Jeb Bush wishing he had manned-up in 2012? What will happen when Trump starts taking more about the economy and international trade? Topics which he has a huge advantage over the rest of the Republican candidates. America loves a winner and right now, Donald Trump appears to be the man to beat!