Thanks to emails obtained by Judicial Watch, we now know how some in the Center for Disease Control feel about Barack Obama. The email exchange between George Roark and William Adams back on June 9, 2014 were about the wave of illegal immigrants, primarily ′Unaccompanied Alien Children′, or UAC, entering the United States. Roark is a CDC Logistics Management Specialist and Adams a CDC Public Health Advisor. The exchange was in regards how some of the illegal immigrant UACs were carrying highly infectious diseases. As part of the Department of Health and Human Services, HHS, they were among those charged with monitoring risks to the health of the general public. So many legal, American children were becoming infected due to the influx of the UACs that the CDC activated its Emergency Operations Center, EOC. Outbreaks of various diseases, such as the swine flu, dengue fever and tuberculosis resulted in Obama′s Dream Act policy.

In the email exchange, Roark tells Adams that the situation was, ″Unreal, no country in the world would allow this″. Adams replies, ″Well, in ten years or less, they′ll all be voting. Commander′s intent.″ Roark then replies back, ″It is very clear that is the case, this fellow is the worst pres we have ever had. He truly is ″the amateur″ but a Marxist too.″ I couldn′t agree more!

Judicial Watch also obtained another email from June 18, 2014 from CDC Intelligence Analyst Daniel Bubacz which he sent to Adams, as well as to an Ardath Grills and Majorie J. Coy, both of whom also work for the CDC. The title he wrote in the Subject Line was, ″Here′s all of the geniuses′ take on the ″Leave No Child on the Other Side of the Border″ policy.″ Bubacz then pasted a report entitled, ″Minor Offenses: The Growing Issue of ″Unaccompanied Alien Children″ at U.S. Borders.″ Both emails came from a lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch against the Department of Homeland Security after DHS failed to respond to a FIOA request.

Obama may be fooling the dummies whom have voted for him but apparently not everyone in the government is believing him. As his policies continue to allow thousands of illegal immigrants to pour across our border with Mexico, bring drugs, violence and infectious diseases with them, a few civil servants realize the horror and damage he is doing to our country. Obama is not satisfied with merely wrecking our economy and destroying the Constitution, but is helping to spread deadly diseases to America′s children as well.

Of course, Obama stays above the fray, as he and his family will be nice and cozy in their $12 Million dollar mansion they will rent on Martha′s Vineyard for their summer vacation. They′ve even booked a manicurist to be available three days per week during their 16-day stay on the resort island. Even Marxists need a little comfort!