Jeb Bush may take it personally, but the views of Donald Trump on immigration reform are proven correct despite critics from the GOP and Latino groups. The murder last Wednesday of Kathryn Steinle by illegal immigrant Francisco Sanchez in San Francisco, California is just the latest case supporting Trump′s position. Sanchez is clearly part of the Progressive-Liberal protected class. Despite being arrested 7 times on felony charges, and deported 5 times before, the city′s policy of being a ′Sanctuary City′ is directly related to this act of violent death. Sanchez was shooting an illegally obtained handgun on the famous Pier 14 in San Francisco, a major attraction to tourists. His initial targets were sea lions. Then he encountered a white woman, Kathryn Steinle, and murdered her. Just a few months ago, Sanchez was turned over to the local Sheriff′s office by Immigration Criminal Enforcement, ICE, to stand for trial on drug-related charges. But the city′s prosecutors decided not to follow through, and, due to the sanctuary policy, released Sanchez back into the general population rather than return him back to ICE.

Donald Trump has come under attack for his remarks about immigration reform and on Mexico. His view that many of those entering the United States along the border with Mexico are criminals, including some murderers, rapists and drug dealers. Trump cited accurate statistics concerning how around one-third of our nation′s prison population is made up of illegal immigrants. That some 300,000 are incarcerated for violent, felony crimes. On the subject of Mexico, Trump has actually complimented their government and people as being far smarter than the stooges we currently have running the federal government in Washington. This attitude also extends to many executives in American businesses, as well, since most negotiations favor Mexico.

The Barack Obama administration has been deporting fewer illegal immigrants all along and is now doing an even worse job. Many statistics provided by the White House in attempts to show that they have been tough on border security have been fudged. In many cases, those the Obama administration claim they have deported were actually stopped at the border and turned immediately around.

Illegal immigration is a major issue in the coming 2016 presidential elections. Several Republican candidates say that they will work to build a wall along the southern border. Donald Trump goes one step further saying that he′ll make Mexico pay for its construction through tariffs if need be. Jeb Bush, who lived in Mexico for a time and married a Mexican, says that he is personally offended by Donald Trump and his remarks. Bush hold a narrow lead over Trump in most national and state-specific polls.

While most Americans favor immigration reform, polls show that they are opposed to any blanket amnesty. Even among Hispanic and Latino voters, about 60% or so favor a non-amnesty ′pathway′ to become a legal citizen. In this, Donald Trump is in agreement. He recognizes the value of immigration and the contributions by immigrants. However, there is no doubt that border security is getting worse, not better, and the cost of dealing with illegal immigrants is rising.

This is not a racist view, nor limited to just White America. In the last year or so, a growing number of leaders in the African-American community are speaking out against the flood of illegal immigrants encouraged by Obama′s Dream Act. There have even been public demonstrations and protests held in major cities, like Chicago, as Blacks vent anger over how more resources are being allocated to illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America rather than to helping their own communities. This morning I happened to be watching Washington Journal on C-SPAN and heard a few Democrat callers sound in agreement with Trump.

So while Donald Trump is being attacked by some in the GOP and Latino groups, his remarks about illegal immigration and reform have been proven correct once again. The murder of Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco by Francisco Sanchez demonstrates the folly of the Barack Obama administration and by the Progressive Liberals whom promote the Sanctuary City concept. Sanchez shot Steinle to death after trying to kill sea lions, yet there was little news about it at first. Even PETA didn′t raise any objections as Sanchez is a member of the Liberal′s protected class. While Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and other Republican candidates pitch the lies of political correctness, Donald Trump boldly tells the truth.