In Madison, Wisconsin yesterday, Sen. Bernie Sanders drew a record-breaking crowd of nearly 10,000 people at his presidential campaign event. Earlier this week, Sanders drew a crowd of about 5,000. The Vermont senator has been steadily growing in popularity as he squares off against Democrat front-runner, Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, the Hillary 2016 campaign announced that it has so far raised some $45 million dollars. A far cry from the $2 Billion she hopes to raise, but still much more than the $8 million Sanders has in his war chest. Recent polls in some primary states show that Clinton′s huge lead is evaporating, with Sanders closing fast in a one-on-one race. A new CNN/ORC poll shows that nationwide, Hillary is still large and in charge over Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

Late on Tuesday, the State Department released another batch of the 55,000 pages of Hillary Clinton emails. This new group proves ever more so that the Barack Obama White House had to know early in 2009 that Mrs. Clinton was violating their rules on using government email servers for official purposes. The new batch also showed that Hillary was getting advice and information from Sidney Blumenthal shortly after becoming the Secretary of State, despite the White House ban on Blumenthal. The Obama administration was apparently upset with Sidney for some of his attacks during the 2008 campaign.

Katie Couric tried to smear Ted Cruz during an interview with a ′gotcha′ question about the Obama birth certificate controversy, but Cruz turned the tables on the befuddled Couric. Cruz reminded her that the original source for questions about Obama′s origins came from the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2008. Could it be that Sidney Blumenthal was the hatchet man who came up with the birth certificate story? Is this why the Obama White House banned him from serving in the government?

With Bernie Sanders drawing large crowds and putting pressure on Hillary Clinton, there is more talk now that Vice President Joe Biden may jump in the 2016 Democrat primary race. The rumor mill says that Joe Biden′s son encouraged his dad to run from his death bed. There may also be encouragement from Barack and Michelle Obama, too! While they cannot publicly support any one, particulate candidate yet, there are hints that the Obamas may be engaged in a ′whisper campaign′ with key staffers leaking negative info to the Media against Hillary Clinton. Some speculate that Valerie Jarrett is the one pushing stories about the Clinton charity foundations and email issues from behind the scenes.