The classic TV series ′Dukes of Hazzard′ has been dropped by TV Land due to the Confederate flag being featured on the the heroes′ car, the General Lee. This is just the latest fallout from the flag controversy stemming from the Charleston church shooting. Even though the Confederate flag had really nothing to do with the shooting, the Main Stream Liberal Media has distorted reality once again making the flag an issue. They claim that the flag is a symbol of hate and racism. What next? Banning ′The Beverly Hillbillies′? Meanwhile, TV Land is going to start airing a new series in mid-July called, ′Impastor′, which is about the antics of a bisexual con-man who assumes the identity of a Christian pastor. The program will be one, continuous assault on Christians, faith and morality.

The Confederate flag controversy has caused some awkward moments. The retail giant, Wal-Mart, recently pulled all of their Confederate flag merchandise. One store even refused a customer who wanted a cake decorated with the ′Stars & Bars′. The same customer then went to another Wal-Mart and actually got them to bake a cake decorated with the flag of the terrorist group, the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL. After becoming a national news story, the retailer issued an apology claiming that their personnel were not familiar with the ISIS flag, featured in the beheadings and murders of thousands. Just this past week, the Islamic State murdered over 70 children for not fasting during the Muslim holiday of Ramadan.

Fans of Liberty can take credit for a counter demonstration in Brooklyn, New York yesterday as Far-Left protesters of the group, DIS ARM NYPD, held a rally where they burned an American flag. The group said that the US flag was also a symbol of hate and racism. But another group of just plain, ordinary citizens attended the rally, outnumbering the Liberal Loons and shouted them down canting ′USA, USA!′.

So will you boycott TV Land for dropping the ′Dukes of Hazzard′ because of the Confederate flag? Or for airing a news series, ′Impastor′, attacking Christians? How about Wal-Mart? Will you run down and get your ISIS flag cake this weekend? Maybe they′ll make you a Nazi flag instead? I′m sure Wal-Mart make you a China flag cake despite their practice of using slave labor in the 21st Century. Political correctness has entered a new phase of extreme lunacy.