Dr. Michael Savage, host of the radio talk show, ′The Savage Nation′, was bemoaning the end of the West yesterday. Savage was upset about many things. A school paying Chelsea Clinton $65,000 for a speech. Another series of ISIS attacks as UK Prime Minister David Cameron talks like Barack Obama about how the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam. Pope Francis getting his global warming/climate change advice from a German worshiper of Gaia. The latest series of US Supreme Court decisions, especially the ruling against the State of Arizona on checking voter IDs. Michelle Obama declaring she′ll be taking more trips around the world. And the general on-going corruption of our borders, language and culture.

Michael Savage even went after ′The Great One′, Mark Levin, whom had spent much of last week trashing Savage on his radio show while the good doctor was on vacation. Savage reminded the world that Levin was Ed Meese′s go-to guy for vetting Justice Anthony Kennedy, who proved to be a swing vote on all of the SCOTUS rulings which have Conservatives in a lather. Oops! Maybe ′The Great One′ isn′t so great after all?

There is no doubt about it, Western Civilization is in decline. Oh, sure, we have technology which keeps the game afloat. But beyond that, nearly every basic institution which serves as the foundation of our society is crumbling from rot. I′m anxiously awaiting for the day that Michael Savage joins the ranks of the Neo-Reactionary movement. He seems to be getting there. Yesterday Savage even said that the 2016 elections are pointless to worry about. The fix is in! We′re either going to get Hillary Clinton or some other idiot lackey of fools running the planet. Or should I say, ruining the planet?

Ah, but fear not! Better days are ahead after The Great Culling! Yes, once whip comes down and the piper is paid, the survivors are the collapse of Western Civilization will quickly rebuild society the right way. Hopefully taking a page from Robert Heinlein and his book, ″Starship Troopers″. Democracy was an interesting experiment but giving every dummy born the power of the vote just doesn′t work. There has to be some type of qualifier. Likewise if you are Biblically inclined, then the collapse will be followed by the return of the Christ and 1,000 years of peace on Earth. Either way, those of the Liberal-Progressive-Socialist mindset lose!

Do you agree with Dr. Michael Savage? That we are watching the end of The West? Does it frustrate you that Western Civilization is being destroyed by the likes of Barack and Michelle Obama, the whole Clinton family and Pope Francis? Are you unhappy the Mark Levin saddled us with Anthony Kennedy and is responsible for the Supreme Court to become an instrument of our societal suicide? Or are you like me and have learned to stop worrying about the collapse and look forward to the aftermath of The Great Culling? That the best lies ahead once humanity is no longer burdened by the riff-raff of Liberals? Or for that matter, the return of the Christ! Yep, good times are a coming!