Presidential candidate Donald Trump is suing Univision Communications, Inc., a division of NBC/Universal and owned by Comcast, for the sum of $500 Million dollars. The reason for the lawsuit is that Trump alleges that Univision did him wrong with a breach of contract and for defamation. The Spanish-language network decided to dump its airing of the Miss USA and Miss Universe beauty pageants, which Trump owns. NBC had announced that they were severing all business ties with Trump a day earlier due to the candidate′s remarks about Mexico and illegal immigration. Trump had already given them notice that he would not be hosting the next season of the reality TV series, ′The Apprentice′ since he was running for president. The rumor mill was saying that Trump′s daughter, Ivanka, might be tapped to fill-in for him.

Donald Trump appeared last night on Bill O′Reilly′s show at the Fox News Channel and told Lord Haw-Haw that the NBC organization is ″weak″ and biased against Republicans and Conservatives. Trump also hinted that he may sue NBC as well. The Donald went on to defend his statements, citing statistics that were actually reported on Univision about how 80% of women and young girls illegally immigrating to the US from Central America are being raped along the way. He also cited FBI numbers detailing how over 300,000 illegal immigrants are convicted felons serving time in state and federal prisons. Indeed, about one-third of America′s prison population is made up of illegal immigrants.

Beyond that, Trump continued to talk about how Mexico is running rings around us on trade issues. Donald told O′Reilly that he does not hate Mexico, but that he is angry at the politicians in Washington for allowing bad deals with Mexico, China and other nations. Whatever you want to say, you have to acknowledge that Trump has his facts right and that he is gaining ground in the latest polls. He is now in second place in both New Hampshire and Iowa.

I have to wonder if the reason Donald Trump sues Univision is really to help the poor beauty pageant contestants now left out in the cold or as a means to fund his presidential campaign? My hats off to him either way! How funny would it be for the hyper-Liberals at NBC and Univision to fund Trump being elected to the White House? I′m all for defunding the opposition. On a smaller scale, I always do my part when some Democrat mails me a survey or request for donations by sending the enclosed, postage-paid envelop back empty. Hah-Hah on them!