On Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on a 5-4 decision to require that all of the 50 States recognize and permit same-sex marriages. Good timing, too, as this is the annual Gay Pride weekend, celebrated by the LGBT community and their supporters. The court cited the 14th Amendment, specifically the ′Due Process′ clause, in its majority opinion. They also justified their decision on several previous rulings involving redefining homosexuality as neither immoral nor a mental disorder, on removing bans on interracial marriage, and even cases involving banning those incarcerated in prisons from getting married. A mighty wide net, indeed! Reaction to the decision from both sides of the argument is as expected. My reaction is two-fold, did the French get it right about marriage and why is the LGBT community so determined to get this decision?

First, let us talk about the French. Throughout most of human history, the institution of marriage has been a pretty one-sided affair. The husband gets everything! He gets his wife′s fortune, as well as her body. If the ′happy′ couple have children, then the eldest son, if there is one, gets everything when Daddy dies. It took the French Revolution to change these issues. In their zeal to get the Catholic Church out of the national political system, the Rebels went full-force in separating Church from State. If you want to get married in France, and be recognized by the government as being married, you have to have a civil union from a magistrate or some government official. If you want your ′union′ to be recognized by the Church, then you have to have a second, religious ceremony.

Having been raised a Catholic myself, I was taught that marriage was a sacrament. Just like baptism or Holy Communion. Even the flip-flopping hypocrites, like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, have said publicly not that long ago, that ′marriage′ was between a man and a woman. Just as the Bible tell us. So from that perspective, this ruling by the Supreme Court is the equivalent of them determining a national standard for how long you may take a Eucharist before needing to confess your sins again. Pretty much all of the major religions agree that marriage is a sacrament between a man and a woman.

Christ, Himself, said ″Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar′s, and unto God the things that are God′s.″ So, when we get to the matter of legal status under the State, the government can define a union between lovers anyway they want. Pretty much whatever the pulse of the People are willing to accept. There is no doubt that in this day and age, a majority of citizens are okay with same-sex couples having the same legal status as a husband and a wife joined in Holy Matrimony by the sacrament of marriage. The problem here in America is that our government recognizes a religious ceremony and accepts it as an act by the State. I′ve read the Constitution and I do not recall seeing anything about marriage in it anywhere. The subject was left for the ′Many States′ to decide, on their own.

So, why is the LGBT community so determined to change the definition of marriage? I am not the only one puzzled by this. A number of the LGBT ′intelligentsia′ are also wrestling with it. Filmmaker John Waters said recently that being ″Gay is not enough anymore″. The New York Times reported how Andrew Sullivan asked the question, ″What do gay men have in common when they don′t have oppression?″ Lisa Korn bemuses that, ″The thing I miss is the specialness of being gay.″ What on Earth are gay and lesbian couples going to do now? Move to the suburbs are buy a station wagon? Maybe an RV, too?

There is an old saying, ″Be careful what you wish for as you just might get it.″ Thanks to the Supreme Court, gay and lesbians can join in the institution of marriage and be boring like everybody else. Next thing you know, they′ll join the Rotary Club and start voting Republican. ″Heavens to Murgatroid! Exit…, Stage Left!″ This is as bad as how the ′selfie′ has devolved from an action by crazy teenagers to where your grandparents are doing it, too! We have already seen in states where same-sex marriages have been legal for several years that many of those couples who rushed to get married are now filing for divorce. Yep, all of this lovey-dovey talk will soon be silent breakfasts with your partner hiding behind a newspaper, or should I say their tablets and smart phones?

Misery loves company and the LGBT community will now be allowed to legally join the ranks of miserable heterosexuals trapped in foolish relationships thanks to the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriages. Just wait till they get the bill when they realize that their partner ruins their credit ratings. I feel sorrow and pity for them turning towards convention. Oh well, some people are just suckers. They had a good thing going and now they threw it all away. But fear not! I′m still a true radical! A master of reason and rational thinking, not clouded by the BS of the Status Quo.