On Thursday we learned that our government has plenty of problems with email. The IRS apparently ignored, or forgot, that there were subpoenas on Lois Lerner′s emails and went ahead and degaussed a bunch of tape drives storing them. Some 24,000 emails may have been lost thanks to this. Meanwhile, the State Department cannot find anything from the 55,000 pages Hillary Clinton turned over as all of her official, work-related emails that matches the 15 emails which Sidney Blumenthal exchanged with her on the Benghazi, Libya terrorist attack. Are these cases of ″Oops″ or are they part of a wider, more deliberate effort to hide the truth?

What can you say about this? Just imagine you were being audited by the Internal Revenue Service and you told them you accidentally deleted financial records and statements? Even if they had filed a subpoena for them some 10 months earlier? Do you think they would accept an ′Oops′ excuse? My dog degaussed my storage drives? As for Hillary Clinton, once again we have another lie from her about turning over everything already. Nothing new to see here. Just move along.

There are times when I just roll my eyes and wonder what next? We have the most secretive, least transparent, and most dishonest administration in our nation′s history. The Barack Obama White House even surpasses the Nixon administration in their quest to hide the truth from us. I grew up back then, even watched the committee hearings and saw John Dean as he spilled the beans. Nothing that Nixon and his pals did comes anywhere near to what Obama and company are doing.

The only difference is that the press actually investigated Nixon since they hated him. Since the press loves Obama, they deliberately ignore all of the lies and wrong doing which is flushing our republic down the toilet. I used to think that Hillary Clinton might be a tad better than Obama, but no longer. If she gets elected, Hillary will continue the drive to tyranny, perhaps even quicken the pace. We know from last time when her husband Bill was in the White House how they had an enemies list many times longer than Nixon′s.