Confederate symbols are under fire as the Liberal Media continues to stir the pot of racism. In addition to states removing Confederate flags from government sites, many retailers and manufacturers are discontinuing product and sale of flags, t-shirts and even toys that have Confederate symbols. The company that makes the toy car of the General Lee from the ′Dukes of Hazard′ TV series says it will suspend production. Some are even calling for the movie, ′Gone With The Wind′ to no longer be shown except at museums. What next? Banning ′The Beverly Hillbillies′? A few Liberal nut-jobs are even suggesting removing statues of slave owners, like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, even closing the Jefferson Memorial. Rush Limbaugh voiced concerns that if this latest rage continues, the United States flag will be next. Sure enough, the leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, a neighbor of Barack Obama, is calling for just that!

Now, I disagree with Limbaugh. If another flag is going to be targeted for banning, it will be the Gadsen, ′Don′t Tread On Me′ flag. It is often seen as a symbol of patriots and of the Tea Party. The Liberal Media hates both groups. Between the Media and their allies, like the NAACP and the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Tea Party is viewed as a bunch of extremist haters. Anybody who is the least bit Conservative, or just simply worries about the National Debt, is obviously a racist to these intolerant, Liberal fools.

As I wrote on Tuesday, this over-reaction by the Liberal-Progressives stemming from the Charleston church shootings is misplaced. Dylann Roof did not become a racist from watching ′Gone With The Wind′ or the ′Dukes of Hazard′. Nor was he inspired to become a terrorist dreaming of Jefferson Davis and the ′Stars & Bars′. If you read his rantings on his website, The Last Rhodesian, he tells us what sparked his attitude. He discovered that he had been lied to and manipulated by the Media. By society as a whole in his view.

What started Dylann Roof down his path of destruction was learning that while the Liberal Media tries to promote the notion that there is an epidemic of White-on-Black racism, the raw numbers show that there are 12 times more violent crimes committed by Blacks on Whites, which is probably pretty close to what one would expect given the differences in population and economic factors. When it comes to murder, most Whites, 84%, are killed by other Whites, and most Blacks, 93%, are killed by other Blacks. Yet, the news media rarely makes a national story of such incidents. Roof says specifically that it was the Trayvon Martin case that got him looking into how the Media plays up certain types of news stories to promote their agenda.

Maybe I′m just ′spit-balling′ here, but it seems pretty clear that when Roof realized that society was lying to him and trying to manipulate him, he reacted by deciding he would give the Media what he thought it wants, a race war. What can you expect from a dopy kid using psycho-active, prescription drugs? Good call by whatever doctor was treating him. NOT!!!

We all react differently when comes the dawn. That realization of just how much B.S. we are being spoon-fed daily on TV and in our schools. Some tune out and become apathetic. Others decide to not only dig deeper to learn the truth but to spread the word. A small handful turn to violence, as Dylann Roof did. These types are no better than those who are spreading the lie about an epidemic of racism in America.

Liberal-Progressives like to pretend that they are intellectually superior than the rest of us. Such thinking justifies their whole agenda. The need to raise taxes to increase spending because we are too ignorant to spend our own money wisely. The need to pass more laws and regulations because we are too ignorant to function as individuals. The need to attack religion and distort science, since either way, both say we are all the same, that we all share a common origin. Liberal-Progressives can only succeed in their agenda of power by creating ignorance, expanding distortions and lies, as well as dividing us into as many subgroups of victims as possible.

How far will they go as Confederate symbols are now under fire? Will the Confederate flag be erased altogether from every corner of our history? Is Rush Limbaugh correct that the United States flag will be the next target? What about the Gadsen, ′Don′t Tread On Me′ flag? Is it a symbol of hate, too? The big loser here might be China as I′m guessing that most of the junk sold at Walmart and on Amazon with Confederate symbols are made by Chinese slave labor, like most of the junk they sell. Oh, but we can′t ban the Chinese flag, now can we?