Happy Fathers Day 2015! Yes, that time of the year again to remember the fathers in our lives. This week had some other significant anniversaries which merit recalling. On Monday, June 15, we had the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. At Runnymede, the unpopular King John was forced by a group of rebellious barons to agree to their terms, putting the King subject to his own laws. The document didn′t last long, less than a year, when it was annulled by the Pope of the time, but nor did King John last long, either. Fortunately, the Magna Carta evolved into newer agreements by a series of later kings. In 1297, Edward I made the latest version statute law. On Thursday, we had the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. Napoleon may have been defeated, but his legacy long continues as France is still governed, in part, by his laws. A good deal of European nations still have parts of the Code of Napoleon as part of their legal heritage.

Yes, this is an Open Thread article. You may feel free to comment on any subject you wish. Perhaps you would like to share a story about your father and how he impacted your life? Or one of the many news items from this week that I did not post about? Maybe you would like to sound off on the decision to replace Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill with a woman? Much of the news this week was dominated by two crime stories, the prison breakout in New York State and the manhunt for the escapees, plus the Charleston church shooting. The speedy arrest of the terrorist, who pleaded guilty to 9 counts of first degree murder, will hopefully bring closure quickly to that community. The search for the NY convicts, however, has turned into a 3-ring circus with police and prison guards looking like the cast from an old, Max Sennett movie, aka, Keystone Cops.

For myself, I miss my dad. He′s been dead for about 20 years now. So its not much of a Fathers Day 2015, for me. We had plenty of ups and downs. There was a period, starting with the election of Jimmy Carter, when we hardly spoke with each other except to argue about politics. But a week before he died, my father and I had that ′Hallmark′ moment where all of the past ills were cast aside. It was a beautiful thing and that is how I choose to remember him. Happy Fathers Day!