The Wednesday edition of ′The Five′ on the Fox News Channel began with a war of words as Dana ′The RINO′ Perino raised her voice and accused Eric Bolling of hyping Donald Trump for reasons of personal gain. Perino went ballistic, or as ballistic as she could, charging that her co-host was defending Trump because Bolling wanted to be a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice. Eric defended himself, admitting that the hit TV game show had tried to recruit him some 7 years ago, but Fox News would not permit it. Oddly enough, in the most recent season of Celebrity Apprentice, another Fox News personality, Geraldo Rivera, was allowed to play and was a finalist, losing to Leeza Gibbons.

When Trump declared his candidacy on Tuesday, Dana Perino, in true RINO fashion, dismissed The Donald as being a political joke. She brought up the topic of how can Trump build his ′Great Wall′ and make Mexico pay for it? Bolling responded that Trump might tell Mexico that unless they pay for it, we′ll pay $2 less per barrel of oil until the cost is covered. Dana wasn′t buying it. On Wednesday, The Five started off reviewing some of the latest words from Trump which his interviews with Bill O′Reilly, the hosts of Fox & Friends and other networks.

One item was from an interview with George Stephanopoulos where Trump was asked about a statement he made back in 1999 about running for president with Oprah Winfrey as his vice presidential candidate. At the time, Trump was considering running as the Reform Party candidate and mentioned his Oprah pick to Larry King during an interview. So Donald explained to George that he was just joking, Trump said that he is good friends with Oprah, but that was it.

Now I have to admit that I have never been a fan of Dana Perino. In my opinion, she is a RINO through and through. I don′t even like her ugly dog, Jasper! Her connection with the Bush family should disqualify her from being anything but a commentator. She is pretty much in the same boat with Karl Rove. Her objectivity is zero, especially when it comes to anyone who would be a threat to Jeb Bush. Make no mistake, Donald Trump is a huge threat to Jeb Bush. Why do you think he picked the very next day after Bush declared to announce his campaign? Trump threw down the gauntlet right at Jeb′s feet. The $100 Million dollars that Bush raised in six months, Trump could write a check in six seconds to match him.

If I were Scott Walker or Ted Cruz or one of the rest of the pack of GOP candidates, I would stay out of the way and let Trump and Bush duke it out. Then waltz in as the nice guy candidate. That won′t be hard to do as the fight will be an ugly, nasty one. The even money bet is for mutual destruction, with maybe a 3-1 odds that favor Trump and 4-1 for Bush to come out on top. Jeb has at least 4 strikes going against him right off the bat. Immigration, Common Core, family legacy and hanging chads. Trump will throw those and more, including the kitchen sink at Bush. And he has the cash to do it!

So it is no wonder that Dana ′The RINO′ Perino is going full-tilt to attack Donald Trump and anyone who gives him any consideration, including her co-host on ′The Five′, Eric Bolling. After her outburst yesterday, the Fox News Channel should suspend her, but Roger Ailes will do what he can to keep Perino around to sound the Establishment line. Of course, Ailes, himself, is facing the heat now that Rupert Murdock has turned things over to his son, whom does not like Ailes. We′ll see how things shape up today on ′The Five′. Yesterday′s show was definitely marred by Perino′s outburst. The tension was thick. You could see the discomfort on the faces of Greg Gutfeld, Kimberly Guilfolye and Juan Williams. Dana Perino needs to apologize to Eric Bolling and better do it today. But my guess is that Dana will jump on the story about how Trump paid $50 to some of those who attended his announcement speech. What will you do with $50 in Manhattan? Buy a pretzel and bottle of Trump water? Who cares?