Vermont′s independent senator, Bernie Sanders, is narrowing the gap with Hillary Clinton according to a new poll in New Hampshire. Conducted by the Suffolk University Political Research Center in Boston, Hillary Clinton′s huge lead has evaporated to being just 10 points ahead of Sanders, 41-31. She is still strong with female Democrat voters, but Democrat men now favor Bernie. Another poll question focused on voters who are familiar with both candidates, Hillary only has a 3-point lead over Sanders, 38-35. This is not good news for Hill-Dog.

Hillary′s attempt to relaunch her campaign this weekend ran into more trouble after the story broke about how a pool reporter was rejected by the Clinton team. She has already been brewing discontent with the press after avoiding them for weeks, taking no questions about her emails or about Clinton Foundation donors. It has been observed that many of the Media are merely just reporting what the campaign wants them to.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders has been drawing large crowds. Unlike the Clintons who cherry-pick their audiences and control every aspect of a campaign event, Team Sanders is going for the bleachers, hoping to hit some out of the park. Its a ′come-one-come-all′ atmosphere, more true to the nature of old-fashioned, Democrat politics. Despite his age, Bernie is hitting the mark, especially with younger voters. He already starts off as being more of a Socialist than Elizabeth ′Pocahontas′ Warren. He has been fighting Capitalism, income inequality and Wall Street for decades.

This, of course, brings us to an interesting possibility following the Donald Trump entry into the presidential race yesterday. In September, 2007, the even-money bet was that the 2008 general election would be between Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani. It turned out to be between Barack Obama and John McCain. The current thinking amongst Establishment pundits is that 2016 will be a battle between Hillary Clinton and either Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio.

But what if The Donald rallies much support after his big Nationalist speech yesterday? His promise of building ′a great wall′ along the southern border and making Mexico pay for it is pretty wild. No other GOP candidate has the guts to talk like that! While a poll showed that 59% of Republican voters would never consider voting for Trump, that number could easily dwindle down to the single digits by the time we have the first debate in August. Given the size of the GOP field and the lack of any one candidate dominating yet, Trump could wind up scoring some early victories.

So, too, could Bernie Sanders! I have to say that he plays well in Iowa and if he closes the gap in New Hampshire, which should be easy since he′s from neighboring Vermont, he could give Hillary Clinton a lot of trouble. If I were a union-member, yellow-dog Democrat, I′d be more inclined to vote for Bernie. Heck, if it looks like a tight race in Michigan, I just might cross the line and vote for him. In 1992, I voted for Jerry Brown since I knew that Bill Clinton was bad news. That the first and last time I ever cast a vote for a Democrat in a presidential primary or general election. But if Sanders can close the gap by the time Michigan holds its primary, I may do it again!

After all, if you′re going to elect a Socialist, you may as well elect one who is honest and proud of being one. Hillary Clinton is trying to talk like a populist but all she really wants is to fatten those speaking fee checks and have a nice library fund to loot. As for the Republicans, half off those running or planning to run are Socialists to one degree or another. Trump is a pragmatist but at least he is already filthy rich. Plus he has a hot wife so odds are there won′t be any sex scandals with a Trump White House. With Bernie, who can say as he has some curious concepts about what women really want.