First Lady Michelle Obama is on yet another vacation with her daughters, this time in Europe. Her first stop is Britain where yesterday she spoke to a group of Muslim girls attending a school in a district known to be very sympathetic to Islamic jihad. The Mulberry School for Girls in Tower Hamlets may sound very British but there is no assimilation to culture. All of the girls wore hijabs as Mrs. Obama told them, ″When I look out at all of these young women, I see myself. In many ways, your story is my story.″ Oh really? Well, perhaps Michelle Obama is telling us the truth for once.

This is like netting fish from a barrel. How much more easy can Michelle Obama make it for a blogger like me? Bad enough she is on another vacation, costing us taxpayers millions of dollars. Which, by the way, will be followed by another vacation to Africa, including a stop in Kenya, in a few weeks with her husband tagging along. The imperial presidency of the Obama family just gets deeper and deeper.

About the only things lacking from this visit to see Muslim girls was Michelle giving them all a ′terrorist fist bump′ and joining them on a rug for a ′call to prayer′. I suppose this should have been expected after she ran out of commencement speech venues where she talked up the Obama War on Police and racial disharmony in general. Her vacation was well timed since she is out of the country after the new scandal of Rachel Dolezal resigning her post as president of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, Washington after being outed by her parents as not being Black. I have to wonder if Michelle Obama agrees with Rachel that it is okay to lie about your race if you ′identify being Black′ if it means getting a cushy job through affirmative action?

Yes, America, we still have some 18 months of the Barack and Michelle Obama Show. So hold on tight for new lows in statesmanship and lunacy. I will give Michelle one compliment in that she does seem to tell the truth more often than her husband. Although, we have to keep in mind that it is her version of the truth. She may be wrong about the facts or the history, but at least she is more honest on her distorted views.