Donald Trump is making it official today that he is entering the 2016 presidential campaign. On Monday, Trump released a brief financial statement pegging his net worth at some $9 Billion dollars. The Donald has been threatening to run for the White House before, but this time it looks like he is serious. Trump has been very critical of Barack Obama and how America has lost ground during his administration, both economically and as a world power in general. While Trump has never held any public office before, nor ever ran for any, he does bring to the table a unique set of skills. Though many Republican primary voters seem to not want anything to do with Donald, he is currently in 9th place on the Real Clear Politics average of poll numbers. This will give him a shot at attending the debates and demonstrate that he is more than just an ego.

I have mixed feeling about Donald Trump. On the one hand, he would probably be a very good president as far as economic issues goes. If I′ve said it once, I′ve said it a thousand times, the primary job of the presidency is to sell US Treasury bonds. As long as people trust in and keep buying bonds, ′The Game′ continues despite the size of the National Debt and all other issues. So, on that score, I think Trump would be good. If his recent Twitter tweets mean anything, his campaign slogan is ′Make America Great Again′. Nice, positive sentiment. The sort of attitude we need these days after six and a half years of Obama constantly running America down, blaming us for all of the world′s ills.

Another aspect of Trump that may come in handy is his negotiating skills. Not just with cutting better deals with foreign concerns, but also in working with Congress. We just saw last week how Obama completely blew his attempt to get more authority for handling the Trans-Pacific Trade negotiations. Against better judgment, he went to Capitol Hill and basically tried to brow-beat his fellow Democrats to support him. He failed. In fact, Obama has never really had a good relationship with Congressional Democrats. Many have felt slighted by him for years now. Despite all of the name calling, Obama has actually done better with the upper echelon of the GOP House and Senate. But even that has not really gone very well.

Donald Trump is not exactly a Conservative. He is, primarily, a pragmatist. In a general election, that will play well. His detractors will not be able to mark him as an ideologue. Trump′s biggest drawback is his amateur status as a politician, though that could work for him, too! The fact that he is already very rich does give him some immunity from being corrupted by lobbyists. While I′m sure he would love getting some big donors behind him, he doesn′t really need them. Trump could wage a very credible campaign from his own enormous wallet.

One last point is that Donald Trump often talks like a Nationalist. He has taken some tough stances on how other countries like China or the OPEC nations have been taking advantage of us. With The Donald in the White House, those days may be over. We might have someone who truly would act in our best interest, even if it meant starting a trade war. He didn′t build an empire by being a nice guy. Donald Trump is definitely a tough competitor who may surprise many pundits as the 2016 presidential race proceeds.