Today, former Florida governor Jeb Bush makes it official as he joins the 2016 presidential campaign race. For about the past six months, his ′exploratory committee′ has been busy gathering money from donors. Now he is entering the 2016 election race armed with upwards of $100,000,000 dollars committed to Bush. But will cash alone succeed in winning Jeb the Republican Party nomination?

There is no doubt that Jeb Bush has obstacles to hurdle. Not the least of which is his last name. Is America ready to elect a third Bush to the White House? Is it the lesser of two evils as far as electing another Clinton? But even in the GOP primary fight, Jeb has his work cut out for him. His stance on immigration and Common Core education will not play well with many primary voters.

On the flip-side, Jeb′s position, as well as his background, on immigration could earn him a fair amount of Hispanic voters in the November general election. His experience as a governor may save the day, particularly if Bush can play up his role as a ′Mr. Fix-It′. Here again, however, we see a campaign based largely on ′Ifs, Buts, and Maybes′. This is where the $100 Million Jeb has to spend will come in handy in getting his story told his way.

The other factor favoring Jeb Bush is the crowded GOP field. Bush will be the 11th candidate to declare. Tomorrow, the word is that Donald Trump may actually decide to run. In one poll, which asked whom would you never consider voting for, Trump scored the highest at well over 50%. Chris Christie scored high in the 30% range with Jeb Bush in third at about 26%. Several sitting Republican governors are expected to join the campaign trail in upcoming weeks. One of them, Scott Walker, is already beginning to build a lead in Iowa and could pose a serious challenge to Jeb.

Even in the Florida primary, Jeb faces running against Marco Rubio, whose positions make him slightly more favorable amongst some Conservative voters. Throw in Rubio′s Hispanic roots and that could neutralize Jeb into losing his home state. Seen by many as a fresh face, part of the new generation of Republicans, Rubio is a real threat, so much so that even the Democrats are worried about him. The visuals of a debate pitting the youthful Marco against an aged Hillary Clinton may tip the scales in his favor in a general election.

Is America ready to elect another Bush to the White House? Jeb Bush hopes so as he joins the 2016 presidential race today. Even his new logo, Jeb! 2016, leaves out his last name! I suspect that he′ll do well after some of the initial primary states. But can Jeb really win the GOP nomination, or for that matter, the general election in November? We are just a tad over six months away from the start of the circus. The first GOP debate is only about 6 weeks away. Let the games begin!