The news this weekend saw three contenders for the title of Liberal Loon Lady. CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield joined the contest after describing the lunatic, James Boulware, as being ″courageous and brave″ after he shot up the Dallas Police Headquarters and planted pipe bombs. After a firestorm of criticism on ′social media′, Whitfield walked her statement back claiming to have misspoken. Many are not accepting this alleged apology, including the police in Texas. Then we have the strange case of Rachel Dolezal, an official for the NAACP in Spokane, Washington, who has been claiming for years to be African-American. According to her parents, she is merely a Caucasian. I know I always say that all Liberals are liars, but how she got away with this whopper is even beyond me! Finally, speaking of whoppers and liars, we have the Queen, Hillary Clinton, who somehow is pretending that she just started her 2016 campaign run on Saturday. What has she been doing the past couple of months since she first started her campaign?

With Hillary, we know the answer. She′s been busy dodging questions about deleting public records and ethics issues on how she and her family earn their millions of dollars. But this does not disqualify her as a Liberal Loon Lady. On the contrary, Hillary Clinton ranks high on the list due to her endless lies. This is the key to being a Liberal, being a habitual liar. Not only for herself, but all of those around her must lie as well. Not just Bill and Chelsea, but also her supporters. This weekend, we saw her campaign manager, Robby Mook, or Schnook, tell a whopper of a lie on national television. On the ABC Sunday morning talk show, he was asked about the polls showing that most Americans do not trust Hillary Clinton. Mook denied that any such polls exist, even though there have been several, including the latest one from the Washington Post showing that 52% deem Hillary untrustworthy with only 41% in her favor.

Speaking of trust, who in their right mind will ever trust Rachel Dolezal? Since at least 2007, the 37-year old Liberal activist has been claiming to be African-American, as well as Native American. But her parents say their daughter is neither Black nor an Indian. Her ethnic roots are Czech, Swedish and German. Now, her parents did adopted three Black children from Haiti, but Rachel was born to her parents whom have the birth certificate to prove it. Rachel is now dodging the issue, especially since she claimed to be Black on a government application to sit on a police board. A local reported confronted her on whether or not she was African-American and Rachel only answered that she did not ″understand the question.″

Finally, we get back to CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield. My guess is that during the early hours of the crisis in Dallas, perhaps she thought that the perp was Black and acting as retaliation for the Texas pool party. After all, a local minister spoke at a rally against the police and declared that the next terrorist attack won′t be from ISIS but from ′USIS′. Apparently, he is taking the Barack Obama War on Police to heart and so too is Ms. Whitfield. Beyond that, I cannot see how any news anchor can describe someone who is shooting up a police station and leaving pipe bombs around is ″courageous and brave.″ She may have been thinking that the revolution is on! But now that we know it was just a lunatic White man angry about losing his child custody rights, well, the story changes.

Will CNN fire Fredricka Whitfield for her on-air comments about a man targeting Dallas police being ″courageous and brave.″? Or will they sweep the whole thing under a rug? Speaking of sweeping, what will the NAACP do about their official in Spokane, Washington, Rachel Dolezal, now that we have learned that she has been pretending to be African-American since 2007? Will they dismiss her? Or will they come up with some sort of pass for her, rewarding her years as a good liar for The Cause? Another liar for The Cause is Hillary Clinton, who is trying to convince us all that she is a Populist. At Saturday′s Hillary Clinton campaign rally, she talked up income inequality, which is pretty funny seeing as how she and her family have been milking the public for decades. Don′t people remember what Whitewater was all about? Scamming the elderly into signing nasty mortgages which they could loose their homes and equity from the most trivial infractions! Which of these gals is your pick for Liberal Loon Lady of the weekend?