Dr. Michael Savage is mad as hell at Liberal bullies and he′s not going to tolerate them any longer! The host of the radio program, ′The Savage Nation′ spent the past two days lashing out at the bullies of the Far Left, calling them out and naming names. Barack Obama acting like a bully to Congressional Republicans or the Supreme Court. Janet Napolitano is bullying professors at the University of California to stop using ′micro-aggression′ terms like ′meritocracy′ or describing America as a ′melting pot′. Savage went ballistic when Diane Rehm of National Public Radio accused Senator Bernie Sanders of having dual citizenship with Israel. The NPR host even told Sanders that they have a list of other members of Congress who are also citizens of both the USA and Israel. Really? This old bat, Rehm, is 78 and the idea that our tax dollars are funding her gibberish is appalling.

Whether you love him or hate him, you have to admit the Doctor Savage has been doing some compelling radio of late. Earlier this week, while discussing the lack of a strategy by Obama for fighting ISIS, the question arose by a caller as to whether or not America is even worse than Nazi Germany? Hitler and his gang tried their best to hide the Holocaust not only just from their own citizens but even from the world at large. The Islamic State is systematically exterminating Christians, raping women, etc, all with video on the Internet. We of the West can see it happening and yet we are doing very little to stop them. The skies over Syria and Iraq are not darkened by a thousand plane raid to bomb ISIS off the face of the Earth.

We have seen in history what happens when Progressive-Liberal-Socialist bullies control the streets of a nation. First we get a taste of it in our schools as educators become indoctrinators. Then our primary institutions, like the family unit and the church are distorted and reshaped for the New Order. Not long after that, society breaks down completely with the public demanding government to counter the violence of rioters with more violence. Internment and Death Camps soon follow as the roots of Fascism grow deeper and deeper.

America is under siege from the Liberal bullies from every angle. Christian cake bakers and pizza makers are attacked by the LGBT community whom remain silent about the the real homophobia practiced by the Islamic State as they toss gay men off the roofs of buildings. Women groups bully businesses who do not wish to fund late term abortions while saying nothing about the treatment of women, forced into sexual slavery by Muslim extremists. The ACLU is campaigning to turn all of the lavatories in America into gender-neutral ones. Black and Hispanic citizens complain about their voting rights being denied while their leaders favor illegal immigrants to flood into our nation and disenfranchise the value of their votes.

No wonder Dr. Michael Savage is angry at Liberal bullies! The host of ′The Savage Nation′ is fed up with these Progressive Socialists running amok for decades, trampling upon the fundamental bases of our social fabric. Divide and destroy is part of the unified agenda of the Far Left. Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, Janet Napolitano and many others are actively engaged in tearing down our basic institutions in order to ′fundamentally transform′ America into a Socialist State. Are you fed up, too? Will you stand up to the Liberal bullies? God save the Foundation!